Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project Bucket List

Tuesday Ten!

1.  I really want to start doing something with my master bedroom. It is probably one of the most neglected places in the entire house. Especially right now since the overflow of the bathroom reno has landed in my bedroom. It definitely doesn't even look this good anymore:

It now looks kinda like this:

Yeah. Seriously. It's scary. Especially in person. Eeeeekkkkk.

2. I want to repaint the guest bathroom so it looks less like a nursery. I also want to get some better accessories for those little shelves. 

3. Three months later I still haven't hung up the shelves in the office... I really need to get that done so I can start getting stuff up of the floor and make more space on my desk for working on homework and projects. All these semi projects...

4. Justin bought me this poster of inspirational quotes for Christmas last year... It got a little bent in it's old home behind the dresser... I  don't feel like I'm doing such a great gift any justice having it stuck behind the door. All I need is a frame and some nails to hang it up.

5. This window is really ugly. It's a fogged out slider window that has roses on it. Mmmm roses seem to have been a common theme in the whole assembly of my home. The counters are rose colored, ALL of the original wallpaper had roses on it, and the mirrors had gold etched roses. Beautiful. I need to find some solution for a window covering that still allows natural light for great make up application but will block more sun then my cheap shower curtain to keep it from getting so hot or cold in there.

6. This door in my house is terrible. I literally have tin foil under the blue blinds for more insulation as well as to knock down some of the high powered sun. I also have the entire thing plasticated. Which is pretty G-2-The-ETT-OH.
Tin foil and Plastic. Embarrassing.

I've been pricing out new doors (this one is also hollow) and I found an inexpensive steel insulated door at Home Depot for 116.00 I think I will have to make the investment. I'll probably make my money back this winter just in energy bills.

7. Not only do I need to hang up my shelves I also need to clean up this mess. Paintings... yoga mats... school books... not-so-pretty-blankets and art supplies on the new chair. I feel like my whole house is messy these days!

8.  This is my my closet/work/organization area. Wow. I need to really get this cleaned up too! It's hard to find good scrapbook paper when you have to dig around in here. Ugh.

9. Another project that I want to work on is this cool little shelf-y thing that my Mom got for me awhile back at the Goodwill. I'm not sure what I want to do with it just yet but! I think it could do great things. Right now it's hibernating in my disaster  bedroom.

10.  I've finally started painting this cute chair that Lucy loves so much, also another great find of Mom's at the Goodwill. Awesome! Of course my staple gun is still out of staples so finishing it is the challenge. Currently it is hanging out seatless on my front porch. Poor Lucy. Poor chair.

Well that is my projects-to-finish Tuesday Ten for this week! What has everyone else been up too lately? Any one else starting to feel like there are way to many "to-do's" on the list and not quite enough "dones"? 

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