Saturday, August 13, 2011

Project initiation. Bathroom commence!

Well I may or may not have bitten off more then I can chew as far as the whole master bathroom before semester starts thing.... great idea in theory. Except that I have to work 40hrs a week and that painting veneer is like painting plastic. Alas. I did get a lot done this weekend though! Friday I painted the ceilings.... the trim.... the cabinet bases.... so that's a pretty good start. I also cleaned the shower and Goo-Gone'd the foreclosure "do not use" sticker off the potty. Three years later.

Meh. I still got around to it right?
Here's the sweet and beautimous cabinets before... western wood grain... I added the white shelf liner where there used to be hunks of laminate thumb tacked down. Interesting idea.

You can sort of see the thumb tacked laminate in this picture... I didn't clean this cabinet out as well. I have it stuffed full with makeup and candles and extra decorating supplies. hehe. Oops.

I sort of got bored trying to paint the cabinets so I decided you all wanted an awesome picture of my cute painting outfit! hehe. My hair really isn't short it was piled on top of my head...

So! Back on subject. What I needed to do was paint ALL of the wooden trim stuff that is EVERYWHERE. I  painted around the door opening that leads to the potty closet and I started painting around the mirror also. In the mirror you can see my towel cabinet. That guy was going white while the cabinets for the vanities are going dark brown.

Yay! I got the cabinet painted! I realized the difference between cheap paint and good paint. Roughly 12 coats, half a gallon, and several hours. It was awesome! I decided to use Better Homes and Gardens paint from WalMart. I bought it all in semigloss so that it would hold up better to moisture since it's in a bathroom. Also it's easier to clean up in case toothpaste or make up gets on the walls. 

For my birthday one year a previous roommate bought me this really awesome Little Mermaid poster. It's really cool! But really big... and I was sort of kinda tired of having it in the bathroom. I will definitely keep it because I love the Little Mermaid but it doesn't really fit with my growed up sophisticated update I'm looking to do. 

Sadly when my roommate took down the towel bar behind where the picture is now (they did it while I was at work as a surprise.) I found two gigantor holes.

Beautiful isn't it? The drywall in that section is COMPLETELY blown out. Disadvantage to manufactured homes... super thin drywall. Plus there are these crazy big anchors sticking out in random spots. I'll have to fix that soon as I buy more wall putty. That sort of put a halt on the whole wall painting thing but! I still got a lot done! Check out the cabinets now (still working on doors)!

Let's review the ole To-Do on the bathroom:

  • paint ceiling and trim
  • paint trim around doors
  • paint towel cabinet white
  • paint vanity cabinets dark brown
  • paint walls grey
  • paint mirror frames
  • create new wall art for above tub
  • add new towel hooks/bars
  • clean up over the potty thing
  • remove foreclosure stickers
  • new accessories
  • DEEP clean and organize
  • line all shelves and drawers
  • figure out new light fixtures (paint the brass ones? invest in new vanity lights??)
  • remove useless doors and replace with luxurious curtains
Eek there's still so much to do! I may have to stretch the process over the next few weekends... hope that works for everyone! I think once the holes are patched over and the walls are painted it will go much faster. It will definitely be worth it in the end! Resell value is going up with each brush stroke! Yay!


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