Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rearranging the Cabinet

The microwave stand that I turned into a towel holding unit has not been updated in a verrryyy verryyy long time. In fact it was probably 2 roommates aka 2 years ago since it has gotten a thorough upheaval of decor. Which I think is necessary when trying to keep things fresh and fun. 

I saw this cabinet which is a lot like mine on A Beach Cottage.

The cabinet shelves were decorated like this originally:

I know that I really need to paint the ceilings in here... probably when I buy all of the paint for my master bathroom this guy will go under the brush as well. The strips are horrible.

With the addition of some of my new finds from thrift storing and treasure hunt I pretty much redecorated the whole unit:

I love to decorate with books! Lately I've been turning them around to reveal the pages and not the spines. I found that great frame at Goodwill and it fits in well with my decor! See that anchor mason jar? Totally painted that myself to look like a ball jar. Cha-ching!

I found that great metallic starfish at Ross several years ago and it's just been floating around in random spots in the house. It was certainly deserving of it's own home. I also found that adorable wine crate from Napa Valley at Goodwill. I heart the Goodwill. The mirrors are an attempt to bounce light a little bit since it's such a dark hallway. I think I need to find a way to hang them up though.... hmmm....

I swapped out the shell bowl for a clear vase with shells in it and added the tall candlesticks to the background to add some height.

My new decorations are similar to the beach cottage picture but I added more color because mine is shorter and deeper then the other one. That and I took my pictures after dusk because I work until 8pm so it's hard to catch during the day. But I think it's a good improvement over the other decor! It fits better into the vintage and repurpose looks that I've really been into lately.

Gives me motivation to continue updating the decor in different areas of the house too! What do you think? Better or worse then the old set up?

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