Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Surprise Master Bath Reno

It is true that I was not planning on doing anymore huge projects this summer... I thought I would update some rooms... revamp some furniture... rearrange some things... But alas. it is not to be so. I have one more project to complete before the end of the summer. Which is approximately 19 days. I also found out that I will be having to have surgery on my right ovary. The cyst that I have is hanging out at 5.9 cm. Not so good. But anyways. Back to the renovation project. A few months ago I had to get some plumbing fixed in my shower, and apparently plumbers aren't trained on how to cut drywall neatly. This is the beautiful job that he did for me:

Doesn't it look great? So basically that entire piece of drywall was almost entirely useless. We decided that we were going to have to just cut the whole bit out and replace it with a fresh piece. Now that is where the potential renovation is going to get started. The whole piece was bigger then we thought... (and I don't have anymore Toasted Coconut wall paint in semi-gloss. Problem there.)

There's one of my helpers! My dad! He's pretty great at coming up with renovation ideas. I do think of how to decorate and fix it. Teamwork you know. After taking out all of the drywall we soon realized that all of the plumbing is loose. Meaning it just rattles around in the wall. Not good for shower head because that could lead to leaks and shorten the life of the plumbing in general. Certainly not what we are after. Also we realized that Sir Plumber cut out part of the support beam for the framing in that wall. Good idea Sir Plumber.

It got to late for us to finish the entire project the other night so right now my entire bathroom is in shambles. Which is hard to function with but sometimes you just have to brush your teeth around a hammer and drill. Just as long as you don't drop the drill in the sink. I found this great site where you can make different mood boards and templates for design ideas. Sweeeeetttt. Though I can't decide if it's as fun as cutting and pasting in my living room onto a big piece of paper. I digress. Here is my inspiration for the bathroom (the background color of the picture is what I am thinking for the wall color, white with a touch of grey):

master bath inspiration~

You can also see this on:

I want to pain the existing cabinets which have this same beautimus western wood tone to them:

The problem that I am running into is that I can't replace the counter tops because they are a weird length and depth and also there are two vanities in that bathroom so that's twice the cost plus twice the measuring plus twice the figuring out how to make em both match and fit and look good. It's just not in the cards right now. I love to renovate but I think it is important to remember not to OVER-renovate otherwise I'll never recoup what I invested in resell. But anyways.  

Back to the countertops.

The counters are in decent shape all that they need is a good cleaning and perhaps a coat of clear poly or paint to reseal them and they will be good to go. Same with the faucets and actual sinks. The red strip along the front is terrible though. So I was thinking that we could go to our local Habitat for Humanity and grab some left over 2" moldings that are .10 cents a strip and cover up the molding. Perhaps paint it a similar color to the counters to make it blend it better.

The main two vanities will be the dark brown color and the tall cabinet that I have in a corner of the room I'll paint into a lovely white color. Perhaps adding some bead board to give it a cottage beach feel. I have so many plans! Shelves... painting.. light fixtures... so much to do... so little time. Of course I will still be incorporating my blue and white accents maybe splurging on some new white fluffy towels.... I like towels!

What do you think? Any other ideas on how I can budget friendly update the bathroom?

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