Tuesday Ten

I saw this fun idea over at Christina's Adventures to do a Tuesday Ten list... I thought it would be sort of a fun thing to get into! Especially since I have trouble remembering what's going on in my life... maybe this will help!

1.  I thought I would share some awesome pictures of my cat Lucyfurr. Mostly known as Lucy until she is engaging in bizarre and strange activities. For example: She is currently harassing Justin to smack her. Seriously. She likes it when you smack her super hard in front of her tail. I dunno. I asked her why but she's yet to say... Even people that don't like cats tend to like Lucy.

2. Class starts in 6 days! Whoo! Senior year of college! Teaching degree!Yay!

3. I'm still waiting for my totally amazing chair to arrive for the office. It had to be factory shipped from the JCP station o' shipping. I am really. REALLY. REALLY! hoping that it gets here before next Monday so that I can have the office totally set up!

4. My free patio set was a total hit over the weekend when my aunt and  uncle came to visit from Missouri! They were impressed by the amount of work that I had done and how frugally I had been able to do it! 

5. I finally cleaned up the HUGE mess that was starting to pile up beside my house. Boxes from when my roommate moved in, paint cans, lawn clippings.... grossness. 

6. Justin and I wasted roughly 2 hours of our lives that we can never get back by playing "Fruit Ninja" on our XBOX Kinect. Essentially you flail about in front of the TV and the Kinect sensor and slash fruit with your hands. The nice thing about the Kinect is that you work out while you're playing, hence why I bought a Zumba game for it a few months ago. But Ohmygracious are my arms sore! 

7.  Made some more progress in the home office... I finally hung three things up on the wall. Just waiting for Justin to help me move the shelves.

8. Finally fixed the gigantic hole in the bathroom wall from where Sir Plumber wrecked the whole thing to bits! 

9. Started on painting the cabinets in the master bathroom. I'm working really hard to try to make the bathroom work perfectly for me. Finally after 3 years I am going to work on a part of the house that is just mine! I spend most of my time trying to make it better for my roommates, which is great but now I get to give back to me a little bit. :)

10. Sadly found out that I will have to soon go under the knife to have the cyst on my right ovary removed... which is kinda scary not going to lie. I don't  much like knives.


  1. I love Lucyfurr!! Thanks for the visit and the follow. Following you back! Tootles, Kathryn

  2. I can’t wait to see the office and master bath!

    Good luck with your surgery! I had a cyst on my ovaries burst a few years ago and it was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced, so it’s probably best to get it removed before that happens.


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