Tuesday Ten

  1. First day back to school was yesterday. I can already sense a busy semester with all of my education classes! But it's going to be super fun as well!
  2. My master bathroom is progressing nicely! I have the potty closet area finished and decorated! (I featured that yesterday here .)

3. I scored 2 awesome new vanity lights for the bathroom for only 12.05 a piece! They were originally 94.06!  Thank you Lowe's for having amazinggg clearance.

4. Justin earned his 2nd degree black belt last Saturday! I'm so very proud of him. 
5. I strained my wrist painting in the bathroom over the weekend. I am a power painter I suppose! I'm just wanting to get it finished up! I have little patience so I am tired of waiting. lol.

6. I think I'm going to try to make custom art work for my bathroom rather then buying the wrought iron knots that I wanted. Originally I was looking for something like this:

 Instead I think I'm going to take some 8"x10" canvas and paint knots on them instead. I will need a stencil but I think I will use some Celtic knot patterns. I am Irish after all, I need to include a nod to my heritage!

7. I've finally gotten around to redoing that 6 dollar chair that my Mom brought home from Goodwill for me. Except I ran out of staples for the fabric... drats.... but check out how he looked before:

8. I discovered Sam @ The Junk House I love her blog because she's a 20-something in her first place doing a whole lotta DIY and rehabbing a great, but previously neglected home. I love following her blog because it's really hard to find other females my age out there that are up to the same thing rather then partying and what not. Yay Sam! Yay!

9. I am very depressed that my great idea to do faux Roman shades in my kitchen was a bit of a fail... I believe if the window was a little larger it would of worked out better... dang it! But! 
Now I know how to do it! lol

10. I paid off my washer and dryer yesterday! Yayy! I now own them free and clear! Much rejoicing to that. 

Is anyone else joining Christina @Christina's Adventures for Tuesday Ten?

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  1. I’m so excited to make your top 10! I feel so special! I'm so glad you found me too. I'm loving all your projects! And full disclosure: I got pretty wild Saturday night...and then spent the next day painting and working on the bathroom makeover! haha! Always DIY-ing!


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