What a Vaze

I love the little collection of mulit colored vases that I have started to collect on top of the buffet in my dining room. From a distance the whole thing looks like this:

Which is pretty fun I think! It's hard to tell in that photo but when the light shines through the window everyday all of the vases sort of start to glow. I love it! Its a cheap and easy way to build up a cool interest point. Up close you can see all of the different vases that are hanging out in the basket to create this cool effect:

It's not a huge or expensive project its just one of those things that makes me happy everyday when I see it. That and I have an ever expanding collection of vases that has been multiplying since I moved into my house 3   years ago. I haven't done a recent count... but I think it's up over 60 in my entire 1200sq foot house..

oops! :)

Happy Wednesday to everyone!

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