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My master bathroom is in dire need of new window coverings. Right now I have regular mini-blinds on the window but it's not enough to keep the sun out.  The back windows of my house including the bathroom window, get Hot HOt HOTT no matter what the season. It has literally bleached the side of one of the vanities from the heat and the sunshine. I've been trying to think of a few ideas for a window covering. The window is stationed right above the tub so we can't do long drapes... I thought about bamboo blinds but I think that looks a little unfinished... 

So I decided I would just make my own since I can't find any that I like. 
I <3 DIY!
I've been really into Roman Shades lately.
Like this guy:

I really like the style of the purple trimmed set. I would really like to create something like that for the bathroom but maybe figure out a way to make it a black out Roman shade to keep some of the sun out and hopefully decrease energy costs for both heating and cooling.

You can see the light from the window just to the left of this picture:

I've seen some cool DIY steps around blogosphere but I also found step by step instructions from Martha Stewart's website here. or make a fake-ish one like they did here. I think I will put that on the epic list of things to do in the Master Bathroom... Yayy! 

  • paint ceiling and trim
  • paint trim around doors
  • paint towel cabinet white
  • paint vanity cabinets dark brown
  • paint walls grey
  • paint mirror frames
  • create new wall art for above tub
  • add new towel hooks/bars
  • clean up over the potty thing
  • remove foreclosure stickers
  • new accessories
  • DEEP clean and organize
  • line all shelves and drawers
  • figure out new light fixtures (paint the brass ones? invest in new vanity lights??)
  • remove useless doors and replace with luxurious curtains
  • DIY Roman Shade w/blackout for window
It will all be worth it when it's over though... 

I think! ;)

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  1. I’m planning to make roman shades for my kitchen…one of these days! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out!


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