Friday, September 30, 2011

Kitchen Updates. Shocker!

I've been doing a little rearranging in the kitchen as well. We all already know that I don't really like my kitchen very much. It's not that bad.. but it's not great... and it's certainly not doing anything as far as resell value goes. Kitchen updating is a bit more time and budget extensive so it may be awhile yet before I get to it all the way. So what to do in the mean time to make it just a little better?

Accessories! It's like the decorating version of Bedazzling. Only better and not necessarily always sparkly.

My hand soap, dish soap, and lotion tend to get all messy and clustered around the sink. They also have this obnoxious tendency of falling into the sink when there are dirty dishes inside. I wanted to do something to sort of corall them together but make sure that it also looked nice. 

My Mom gave me the idea of putting them on a plate! Which was fantastic! Except that all the plates I have are either too big, too small, or are a weird mix between plate and bowl. So I did what any good DIY'er would do. I headed for the Goodwill.

I found these great vintage looking nickel plates for only .99 cents a piece. Plus it was red tag day which meant they were another 30% off. Awesome!

See how handsome they look standing banded together on their little silver plate? I love it. I'm also in love with Mrs. Meyer's hand soap. I think it smells awesome and the packaging of course is adorable. And vintage. Oh vintage!

You can kinda see the engraving on the bottom of the plate. Believe me. It's totally cute.

Anyone else have any quick and cheap ideas to update and improve a kitchen? I love it when it looks good and works too!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Bath Finishes!

I've got more bathroom updates to show you! I know, I know. You can hardly contain yourself As soon as you read that you couldn't quite believe it! Another round of random decorations in the master bathroom??

Oh yes. Yes indeed!

I had this random space above my random floating shelf that was calling out for some sort of decoration. But alas.  Whatever shall we put there?

Well first of all I would like to say that I do have another white shelf that will go below that one. I just have to hang it up. And by "I" of course I mean Justin. He has decided that my attempts to hang anything larger then a nail aren't the best. I think holes add character and surprise behind the picture frame. But whatever right?

So I found this great print from Hobby Lobby yesterday! It's an antique'd sort of subway style image that came already with a mat. It was also only $6.00. Seriously. Half off sales... 

Danger zone.

Anyways ... my print here is awesome!

I love what it says too; "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined." I put it into a frame that I already had. It matches one of the frames that is in the gallery wall so it was able to subtly tie back to the opposite side of the room. 

Anddd here he is on the wall! yay!

The lights were reflecting on the glass but here's a farther away view of it Looks  little bit more finished and it also stays in time with the vintage thing I've been going for. Ahhh. Vintage.

After that I was on a roll! I decided I would decorate around the bathtub!  Because that is the exciting life that I lead. Holla. 

My Mom decided she is going to have a garage sale so I decided I would raid her stuff first to see what I could get at the family discount. Also known as free. 

She had this apothecary jar looking thingy (that was also plastic. Which is awesome.) And I thought that it would be perfect for those weird corners around my tub. So I bought some cheap bath salts from WalMart. I'm allergic to them so I went cheap for decorations sake. 

Cute right? She also had this adorable little wire basket. I rolled up a few towels that were the complimentary colors (read: turquoise and white) in the room and put them inside. It sort of looks a little more spa-like now. Soaker tubs should feel that way I think. 

Here's a pan out of the entire corner of the bathroom. To date the improvements include:
  • Gallery wall
  • New wall color
  • New art
  • New tub accessories
  • New jars for cotton balls, etc.
  • New window coverings
  • New cabinet paint. 
  • New accessories.

Lucy even felt compelled to check out the progress first hand to determine whether or not it was truly acceptable for her feline self.

Too bad her attention span is limited and she became enthralled by the slow drip of the faucet.

Another special Lucy moment for all of my fantastic friends and followers out there.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here's to all the little things

So recently I've been doing little updates around the house in terms of the decor. I have been switching out little things like wall art and moving vases around... switching the books... etc etc.

I started with the laundry room since it has remained untouched for so long. (Okay a few months really hehe)

Remember the "Live Well" sign that I found at Big Lots for only $5? I really really like it but I felt like it was a dark image and the space beneath the cabinets is pretty dark too, it all felt a bit dark I suppose. I wanted something to lighten it up! And lately I've been on this MEGA vintage kick. Mega-huge vintage kick. 

More on that in tomorrow's post. First! Check out the big difference a little sign switching can make.

The original reveal photo from many moons back:

A close up:

I took down the Live Well sign with my handy dandy pink hammer. I love my pink tool set! It has proven to be incredibly handy of late.

Please note that I also filled the vase full of close pins. I thought that was kinda cute you know- very laundry room like.

And I hung up the new sign! Which I  found on a notorious sale at Hobby Lobby here in town. That Hobby Lobby store and their 50% off deals... gets me every time. Plus I like that the sign is a lighter color so it seems to make the space "brighter" in some ways. I'll find a new home for my live well sign but I think this $7 dollar metal guy was super cute and coordinates with the newly paid off in full washer and dryer. 

Yay for being a grown up!

It's amazing how much better you feel after doing such little things. I surprise myself by how much I like it!

That and I am on a vintage kick. Have I mentioned that yet?


Monday, September 26, 2011

Time to Winterize!

I've been thinking lately that I'm going to have to start the process of winterizing my house. Now of course all around blogland we have seen crazy amounts of ways to winterize. All of which are excellent methods.... for a conventional house.
But what about a manufactured home? They aren't exactly known for their sustainability or energy efficient tendencies. I have to get pretty creative this year with it too. With cuts in my budget and hours I need to save every penny I can... everywhere that I can... So I've got a few ideas I'm going to be trying out.

  • Replace hollow back door with an insulated one (door cost: $116.00)
  • Caulk around all windows in the house 
  • Use plastic on certain windows (the kind you blow dry on to the windows)
  • Put up insulated curtains in dining room and office. (I have them in my bedroom and they work!)
  • Plug in heat tape so that pipes don't freeze
  • Clean out my gutters!!! They are pretty nasty dirty.... I'm pretty sure there are plants growing in there..
  • DIY some under the door draft blockers for the front door and the back door to keep even more cold air out!
  • Change out my furnace filters so that it's performing 100%
  • Put both ceiling fans into reverse, that way the warm air will collect by the ceiling and the fans will kick it back into the space. Cheaper to run a fan then a furnace!
  • Wear lots of sweaters.
Hmmm guess I have a lot to do! Plus I want to decorate for Halloween this weekend! I've seen so many great things going on lately in all of the fantastic blogs that I follow... I think I'll be doing a lil DIY action while I'm at it! hehe Yay!

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Master = Desperate.

As I mentioned the other day my master bedroom is desperate for some new-ness. It is not very pretty right now. Its really just somewhere that I go to sleep and that's it. I don't spend time in my room at all. I spend more time in my amazing bathroom or the office. I think it would be great to have some sort of retreat for myself away from homework, schools, blogging, DIYing, etc. Not to say that I dislike any of those things but  you always have to give yourself space. 

Here is a shot when it was a lot cleaner. Lol.

Here's the curtains. I have the sheers over the windows because my large window actually looks over the car port and that's not very pretty really.
You can also see how obnoxious those stripes on the ceiling are. Seriously if you have drywall ceilings I am the face of envy. These things are ugly. Even painted you can still see the weird stripes.

Also these are my gigandor closet doors Each closet in the bedrooms has this same set up. I'm stumped on what to do with these. Tension rods and hand made curtains maybe? Certainly would allow for better access. But how would that translate as far as being able to resell? Hmmm....

My bed is a mess but you can see those same mirrors. The too small lamps. The breaking side tables. Those actually aren't in that bad of shape they just need a little help as far as fixing the drawers and maybe some new paint or something.

My closet organizer is a life saver! I do color coordinate my clothes. I worked at Hollister from the ages of 17-20 and we had a specific color order that everything was coordinated by. That has definitely translated back into my closet. Looks nicer though.

Weird conundrum ofdoors constantly clashing together. You can see here how the room just doesn't flow with the bathroom anymore. They are totally different spaces now! It's weird. And I have a chair with no seat cushion. Cuz that is cool.

Another door over here and my dresser with a random assortment of things on top. Also an ugly and sad vinyl wall decal tree that is stuck underneath of my floating shelf that is housing an empty box of kleenex. Random string hanging on the wall. Beautiful.

The room is so short on character, function, warmth, and anything else that would be a happy bedroom related pronoun. The space is pretty large but it has weird wall space. Because of the massive doors and windows the bed can only be in one spot, so there won't be any rearranging here. Whatever shall I do? 

I'm thinking...

  • New paint color
  • paint ceiling and trim white
  • new wall decor
  • take down doors and put in curtains. (keep doors in garage in instance of resell)
  • Leave dresser but get a large mirror for weird space next to bedroom door to prop against the wall and find a small cozy chair to repurpose/reupholster. 
  • Buy a rug from IKEA or somewhere similar that would be easy to repaint with either chevron stripes or just regular stripes. I want to anchor the room but cozy up the wood flooring a bit. I found this great rug painting tutorial
  • new lamps (okay I have the lamps I just need to get the lampshades finally)
  • update or change curtains
I'm not going to jinx myself and say I'll do it in a week. But hopefully this reno will require much less construction then the master bathroom. I'm thinking redecorating not totally renovating lol.

Do you guys have any other ideas that I could use for updating my master bedroom?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bathroom... sooo close.

So in terms of the master bathroom we are at about the 90% complete mark! 
Only major thing left is some touch up paint and making the shelving for the weird hole in the wall. I'm pretty excited about that. My accessories deserve to be in their own home again where they can be truly and completely appreciated for who they are. Hopefully that will be done within the next couple of weeks. It's almost time for me to start my Halloween decorating!

If you follow me on the old Facebook then you already know that I came home on Tuesday to a total surprise! Justin had not only watered the lawn completely for me (working nights makes it hard to keep the grass alive) but had also replaced parts on my bike so that I can ride to school without the wheels getting stolen, hung up both of my window treatments that I've had sitting for about 5 weeks,and! He had lunch ready for me when I got home from class.

Talk about lucky. That's me.

But anyways. I found some matchstick blinds at Lowe's on clearance for about $7.00 a piece. 
Remember how I tried to make my own Roman shades on my too small of a window? Well... I decided since that was obviously not going to work out I needed to come up with another solution.

And the shower curtain/window covering in the bathroom wasn't looking so cool either.
Though I wil admit it is quite a bit prettier then the roses on the window panes. 

Justin hung up these beauties for me in both the bathroom and the kitchen. They are only semi-private so we still left the mini-blinds behind them. But they do look pretty cute I think!
Here's the ones for the kitchen. They still let in a lot of light but they look more polished I guess. I also like the fact that they are dark brown and have a natural feel. I think it adds a lot of character to the room.

Plus it looks better then a crappy valance anyways.
Now! For the bathroom! Currently my favorite place in the house.
Whooo! I love how they look! They are pulled a little unevenly in this picture because Lucy kept stuffing herself behind them but that is rpetty easy to fix. I think they work really well with the natural dark tones I was looking for in my master bathroom. My only sad thing about them is when we bought the shades we thought that we could cut them to fit inside of the windows but... that didn't work out. They had to be mounted on the outside. But there was minimal drilling involved so that is always good.

Here's a shot of the window just looking straight at it. I think I'm definitely starting to succeed more in the whole venture of making this modular look a bit less like a trailer... more like a conventional cozy bungalow.
Well.... least that is the idea.

I'm hoping to have a full reveal for you soon! I'm going on Thursday to find the ingredients for my inset shelving unit that used to be the misplaced mirror. Say bye bye to hole in the wall!

I'll keep you all posted on that final project! Yay for progress in the bathroom! (a month later) 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Masterful Inspiratatalot.

So I reallyyy reallyyy wanna work on possibly redoing my master bedroom. It is a total mess. It is the catch all of all the other random decor cast offs. The wall decorations haven't been updated since 2008 when I moved in. I have a Twilight movie poster on the back of my door and high school pictures on the wall of people I don't even like anymore. 

Dang it. 

Here's the space right now, it's not looking so hot. (PS. The desk isn't in there anymore it is in the office but! nothing else has changed) I have the same insulated black out curtains (which are awesome by the way!) but they are just a plain sad brown color. The same side tables and lamps... it's all a little sad. Especially in comparison to how great my bathroom looks now!

Compare my bedroom to the bathroom:

Lovely and refreshing bathroom! Ahhh sooo relaxing....

I love the beautiful colors... sooo prettyyyy.

Even unfinished it looks more finished!

It is time for a design crisis intervention! I think I can intervene on myself... right? oh well. I'm doing it anyways. I surfed around blogland for some bedroom inspirations. I have to do it totally on the cheap so! I need to make sure I have a grasp on what I want to do. 

Here's what I've gotten so far after a basic Google search of master bedroom designs:


I like this one because I also have a huge window all along one wall. Maybe I could part with my black out curtains and make some that are longer and more luxurious to lighten up the space. I love how the ones above are metallic and run from the floor to the ceiling.

Of course I'm madly in love with these colors! Natural tones and white? Does it get any better?? No! It's a little bit themey with all of the beach and coral stuff but I do love how large and airy the entire space feels. 

Uhmmm we all know I love beadboard so I don't think I need to explain this one much farther. The colors are a little too dark for my tastes as far as the furniture and that kind of thing. But I do love how high up the bead board is. Mmmm happiness. Plus the ceiling is totally cool!

I love the way that cool grey and white look together! This is a small space but it looks so massive! I love that. I love it when rooms are small but actually feel quite large because of the colors and furniture arrangement.

This room is just pretty! It's so feminine and lush... mmmm I love it! If I didn't have a boy that came in and tended to make things messy this would be my number one choice!


This room is also a great inspiration! Once again with the light colored furniture. I like the color of the walls and i think it could really tie in with the bathroom. I want the spaces to feel united. I don't want them to be the same color by any means but I want them to feel like they are communicating and you have the same feeling going into either one. 
Ahhh so many ideas! I will take some better before pictures tomorrow to post for everyone... perhaps you guys will have some better ideas for me on what to do with the space. First thing I'll tell you. The color has got to go!