87% is still a B!

Last night was an awesome night! I won't deny it! I was having a pretty horrendous day. I had to work for 10 hours hadn't gotten much sleep and had been going back and forth with financial assistance for the abundance of medical bills I've been collecting since my escapade to the ER in July. It was a mess and I was super stressed out because I hadn't had a chance to work on my bathroom yet and I really have been wanting too. My boyfriend is probably one of the most amazing people ever. 

Well I am sure you all know by now that I think that but the reason I think that? Well it's because instead of walking in to this:

I came home to this!! It's so amazing! Justin went crazy on my bathroom and finished patching the holes, sanded them down, added a few coats of paint (it'll probably take a couple more since that sand color from before is hard to paint over), and vacummed up a ton of the dust!

It looks great! He also finished installing the other light fixture that I found on an amazing sale (12.05 a piece!) and hung up one of my little shelves! There will be another shelf to go below that one eventually. Things progress a bit slowly around here sometimes.

I keep my little ceramic bowls that I bought at Big Lots for $1 a piece on the shelf and have them full of earrings and rings. Accessories are a girls best friend. 

Ahhh look how amazing that light fixture looks! I would say that it looks like a hundred bucks! (hehe the original price was $95.00 get it? get it? Okay... bad joke.)

I also moved my jars around filling one with cotton balls, which I obviously need more of, one with all of my bracelets and another for all my Q-tips.

This cabinet here is full of my bath towels and "extra" supplies like soap and tooth paste and that kind of thing. I decided to paint this cabinet white so that it looked like it was actually a separate unit from the cabinets and also to create a sort of "two-toned" effect in the bathroom. It takes up a lot less visual space then it would have if it was dark. 

In this photo you can really see the difference between the white cabinets and the dark brown ones. They all look great though! Justin did a fantastic job of getting it cleaned up and done for me! I'm so happy!

See? Look at that smile! Anddd my sweet Goodwill vest for $2.00! I must say that I love vintage inspired dress and outfits. Give me a white tee shirt, dark jeans, and I can accessorize the heck out of it!

Lucyfurr is also ecstatic about the renovation progress. 

She's so incredibly thrilled really. She practically looks like she's grinning! 

The list of things to do on the bathroom seems to have gotten much much shorter! I am so grateful for my boyfriend! Now I can focus on figuring out what to do with that Ghetto Mirror situation and accessorizing! Which is my favorite part of the whole thing. It'll be great to get some art up on the walls and make it look really great. I'll keep you updated on all the little things going on that will make this bathroom awesome!

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  1. I wanted to thank you for your comment and visiting my blog:) That is awesome of your boyfriend to do that for you:) So exciting to come home too!

  2. That boy of yours is definitely a keeper! He did so much work and it looks amazing! It’s getting so close to being finished! I can’t wait!


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