Bathroom Gallery!

Justin's friend Roger is coming to visit this weekend so I was busy all of Sunday trying to get the house cleaned up and organized for his visit. He'll be the first to try out our new chair-bed!

I have fallen madly in love with the Shark Steam mop that my Mom got for me for Christmas. I use it with this Pledge floor cleaner I've had since I moved in. I have one bottle for wood floors (mine are laminate) and one bottle for tile since all of the tile in the kitchen and bathrooms is only 3 years old. It works amazinggg! It's nice to have the steam mop too because I don't spend all of my time waiting for it to dry since it is instantly dry. Awesome.

I'm just saying. If you don't have one.... you probably need one.

The master bathroom is coming along rather nicely. It is seriously almost done. I'm in love with it too! I have been tossing around a lot of different decorating ideas for the walls. I'm not very good with wall art aside from the canvas' that I paint and then put on the wall. I wanted something that kept in time with the vintage feel once again. So I tossed around the idea of a gallery wall in the space above the tub. It's an odd space:

It definitely needed some character to fill it up a bit. So I used the frames that I showed you before:

I painted all but the yellow frames and the little mirror Krylon Gloss White. I'm all for a little gold but those big frames were a bit ornate for my tastes. They looked great! Sadly I didn't get a picture of that because I decided to paint them at night. Ooops.

I also added in some other art that I had laying around unused. I have began to gain quite the collection of unused pieces. 

But! Check it out after I put it all together! I filled the frames (except for the bottom left and top right, still working on those) with vintage looking images. One of the images is just a page from an old text book about Elizabeth the Great and then of course another piece of map and the bottom right image is from The Graphics Fairy and it's some old antique toothbrushes. Cute right? The image in the center is one of the fist pictures I bought for my house. I like it because its a red head. I won't lie.

I'm trying to decide if I want to paint the top two wooden frames white or not. One of em is a mirror that I would have to tape off to paint (which means work) and the other one would be fairly simple. What do you think? White? Brown?

This is the fantastic find that I bought at Salvation Army. Sooo cute. I don't know if it was hand made but it was definitely the inspiration for the entire wall!

Yes that is my pink hammer. Mahahahah. My old roommate got me an entire pink tool set for Christmas last year. It's like they know or something. I still need to work on the window covering situation. Justin has that on his "honey-do" list for this week before Roger gets here. I'm pretty excited about the upgrades in the bathroom. I would anticipate a full reveal within the next or so! Yay!

The entire cost of the new wall? 

3.24 for Krylon spray paint
6.99 for all but two frames (and those other frames were free since I had them already)
10.23 Total! Whata bargain.


  1. I’d paint them white! But I’m also in an “I hate anything wood” phase right now, so my opinion might be a little biased. I like the antique toothbrush image. I might have to frame that for my bathroom too!

    Oh, and I have a shark mop too!

  2. I want a chair bed! Also, I like the idea of matching frames with the use of spray paint. I'm taking a few cans with me next time I go to my parents to fix their gallery wall! :)

  3. I adore your collection of frames! I too would paint the wood white. :)

    Thank you SO very much for linking up to Fall In Love Wednesday.

  4. Great job!! I love the finished look...and I have a pink mini-hacksaw , and I love it :)

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

  5. That is a bargain! :) Very nice to have something pretty to look at in the bathroom. I have nothing! hahah I'm decor challenged!


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