Bathroom... sooo close.

So in terms of the master bathroom we are at about the 90% complete mark! 
Only major thing left is some touch up paint and making the shelving for the weird hole in the wall. I'm pretty excited about that. My accessories deserve to be in their own home again where they can be truly and completely appreciated for who they are. Hopefully that will be done within the next couple of weeks. It's almost time for me to start my Halloween decorating!

If you follow me on the old Facebook then you already know that I came home on Tuesday to a total surprise! Justin had not only watered the lawn completely for me (working nights makes it hard to keep the grass alive) but had also replaced parts on my bike so that I can ride to school without the wheels getting stolen, hung up both of my window treatments that I've had sitting for about 5 weeks,and! He had lunch ready for me when I got home from class.

Talk about lucky. That's me.

But anyways. I found some matchstick blinds at Lowe's on clearance for about $7.00 a piece. 
Remember how I tried to make my own Roman shades on my too small of a window? Well... I decided since that was obviously not going to work out I needed to come up with another solution.

And the shower curtain/window covering in the bathroom wasn't looking so cool either.
Though I wil admit it is quite a bit prettier then the roses on the window panes. 

Justin hung up these beauties for me in both the bathroom and the kitchen. They are only semi-private so we still left the mini-blinds behind them. But they do look pretty cute I think!
Here's the ones for the kitchen. They still let in a lot of light but they look more polished I guess. I also like the fact that they are dark brown and have a natural feel. I think it adds a lot of character to the room.

Plus it looks better then a crappy valance anyways.
Now! For the bathroom! Currently my favorite place in the house.
Whooo! I love how they look! They are pulled a little unevenly in this picture because Lucy kept stuffing herself behind them but that is rpetty easy to fix. I think they work really well with the natural dark tones I was looking for in my master bathroom. My only sad thing about them is when we bought the shades we thought that we could cut them to fit inside of the windows but... that didn't work out. They had to be mounted on the outside. But there was minimal drilling involved so that is always good.

Here's a shot of the window just looking straight at it. I think I'm definitely starting to succeed more in the whole venture of making this modular look a bit less like a trailer... more like a conventional cozy bungalow.
Well.... least that is the idea.

I'm hoping to have a full reveal for you soon! I'm going on Thursday to find the ingredients for my inset shelving unit that used to be the misplaced mirror. Say bye bye to hole in the wall!

I'll keep you all posted on that final project! Yay for progress in the bathroom! (a month later) 

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  1. Lucky girl! That boy’s a keeper! Oh, and love the new blinds! Almost done…so exciting!


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