Dining Room Rearranging!

I just wanted to take a moment to remember 10 years ago, a day in history that is burned into all of our memories. I remember being in a classroom with all of my friends and peers sitting on the floor watching history take place on the television screen in front of our eyes. Scared, awed, and uncertain of what was happening we all sat stunned as the towers fell to the ground. I remember one student saying that it wasn't even real. Thank you to the heroes of 9-11-2001 and those that are still serving to protect our freedom today. You are remembered always.

On a much lighter note... I showed you all yesterday how I rearranged the bookcase in my entryway for a more vintagey look. Well. That's not the only change I made! My roommate decided she is moving out at the end of the month. Long story. No need to hash that out here. My roommate needed more storage for all of her kitchen/cooking supplies. Since she no longer is going to be living with me I decided that I really no longer needed the gigantic dresser in the dining room taking up precious real estate. 

Here's what it looked like with the dresser in there. No one could really sit at the chair in front of it because there wasn't enough space.

It certainly provided us with lots of storage for my roommate but decorating wise... not my favorite thing ever. My Mom decided that she wanted it for my brother who is also in college a few hours away and just got an apartment. I was happy to donate it to the cause.
I moved my cool vase collection from the dresser over to one of my end tables since the decorations on those haven't changed in over 2 years either. When did I get so boring? I'm not sure.

I switched sides of the wine rack that I featured forever ago here. I also brought the shelf lamp back out and put it in the corner. Let there be lighhhhht!

Sadly my Ballard Design knock off paintings look a little lost on the walls now... I'll have to figure out what to do about that. Maybe I just need better accessories on top of it. Hmmm... shopping... 

It feels much more spacious and comfortable! We can have way more people in that space without it feeling cramped. It does look like I will need to pack my wine rack full of more wine though... thank goodness the Colorado Mountain Winefest is coming up next weekend! Oh yeahhhh! Anyone know of some other good wines out there? :)

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