Dolling up the Master Bathroom

It's not a remodel unless you reorganize. Sooo I decided that not only were the walls getting a face lift but so was everywhere else in the entire bathroom. I've reorganized all of the cabinets and made them look much much better. I threw out old hair supplies, shampoo, soaps, all those expired things of eyeshadow. I cleaned out enough that I now have about 2 drawers that are empty. It's pretty liberating! I even lined em up all cute like. I am an Herbal Essences and Bed Head kinda girl.

After I cleaned out my shelves I realized that my shower was icky too. I blame that on being pretty much blind without my glasses or contacts. I am super near sighted. It's terrible. The suction cup shelfy was falling off the wall, most of the bottles were empty... and it was dirty. 


So I scrubbed. And scrubbed...
and scrubbed...

and scrubbed...

and got most of it cleaned up. Thank goodness for Comet Cleaner and Scrubbing Bubbles.
I have a lot of different shampoos and conditioners in there because I have always thought that it was better for your hair to change out the products. One of my shampoos is always a cleanser though so that it beats any build up.

I needed some new decorations for around my tub and found these great candle holders at Target when my friends and I were shopping for "professional teaching clothes" what? We really were. It's hard to know what to wear to look like a grown up when we're only about 4 years older then a lot of the students we'll be around. Thankfully I'm 5'9" so it's a little easier since I'm tall. 
The bottom of one of these was broken so I got all three for less then 8.00! Pretty good deal. And they're cute. And Justin likes them too. Yay!

On the small vanity I wanted somewhere cute to hold my cosmetic sponges and the like. I only use BareEscentuals make up but sometimes if I need foundation primer I use my sponges. I found the half gallon Ball jar at Michael's for 2.99, my mom found the blue Ball jar for me at a thrift store and I've had the little jar for quite awhile.

Of course I showed you guys the other day my gallery wall. I think it all is really coming together well! I love the vibe of the room now. It seems so much different then it did before. I am so excited to show everyone when it's all done! There is still a few things left that have to be done before I can show it all off but! It's getting super close which is exciting I think.

I believe in the power of paint and good accessories.

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  1. I have a shower full of shampoos too! I can’t imagine using the same one every day.

    I love the new candle holders! And they were a great deal. No one would even be able to tell that the bottom was broken.

    Oh, and I should probably scrub my shower too…I’ve been slacking on the cleaning lately!


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