"Fall"ing back in love with my house

Recently I have been perusing around blogland bemoaning how much I wish I could get a new house and redo it all nice again. I love my house but I have been craving a change. Unfortunately there will be no moving for this chica for quite awhile so I decided I would join in on the "Fall back in Love with your home" campaign that I've seen going around recently. I decided that rearranging some areas that have been either a) the same for awhile or b) always bothersome was the first place to start.

My parents got this IKEA Expedit bookcase for me for my birthday a few months ago. I replaced the weird "vanity" and mirror that used to be there. It's a lot better as far as using the space goes but I've never gotten the accessorizing quite right on it.

It wasn't melding with the "vintage" look I've been trying for lately. My budget is less then 0.00 so I had to be resourceful basically I had to use all the stuff I already had in the house to get the look I wanted. Hmmm... time to get creative!
Justin's last name is Dallas so I decided to use the map that I still had left over from one of my previous projects

I cut out part of the map of Dallas, TX and drew a heart around it.

Let's hear some collective "Awwwsss" heheh. Justin loved it though! Pretty sure that he blushed a little bit when he saw it. I like doing those little things. Plus I like the way that maps look...  I accessorized around it with a vintage mason jar and a glass light pole thingy.

Because I'm going to be a teacher in the future I have an impressive amount of books. I love books. I also love to decorate with books. I need somewhere to store all of these young adult novels without it looking cluttered and messy. What to do? Well. I turned em all backwards and lined em up!

I really like how it turned out actually! The various shades of the pages is really interesting and the size and shapes of the books is fun too. Sure it's not exactly awesome for trying to find a certain title but hey... it's all about compromise right?

Here's a view of the full effect:

I went even farther and redid EVERY cube. I used a lot of natural tones that I had from other places in the house. The candle holders are from the master bathroom, the lemons are from the kitchen, and the empty whiskey bottles are Justin's (don't worry. He's 27.) He likes the shape and sizes of those bottles so I thought they would be fun to incorporate.

I feel like I'm falling in love again! One step at a time! I do want to get some new baskets for the bottom two shelves that actually fit since those ones look super wimpy. All things with time. 
Speaking of time. I thought I would share with you another classic Lucy moment. I went to fold the towels that I had just washed and in the .33 seconds it took me to place half of them on the laundry room counter rascal kitty had jumped into the dryer and found herself most comfortable amongst the nice and warm towels. 

If she had poseable thumbs I'd make her help fold. Since she doesn't we just laughed at her and took a picture.

I wish I was a cat sometimes.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! The weather here is starting to cool down. I loveee it! I'm totally a fall weather kinda girl. My species is not adapted to heat and sunshine. Eeek.

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