Gallery Wall? In a Bathroom?

I am struggling with trying to decide what on earth to do with the large wall space above my tub. I am totally at a loss. I was going to do 4 canvas' with some hand painted art... tossed around the idea of paint chips... but ultimately what I think I really want to do is a gallery wall. You know. Just to try it out... give it a go... etc... The space is weird though:

It's right next to the window and the mirror. I could leave it blank but... that would be entirely out of character. I was thinking... perhaps I could do dark frames to contrast with the white trim and mirror? 

But then... would that make the tub look dingy-er. (When selecting bathroom fixtures please select WHITE)

I stumbled across a few different ideas via Google (since I sadly don't have Pinterest):


I loveee all of the white frames! I'm sure you are all quite shocked that I said that. White. Hmmm. lol. But really I love the way that all of the frames are uniform in color but yet they still each have individual character. I think it's great! But what about one like this:

It's still uniform in the shapes of the frames but I'm not sure if I like the different colors... but then again it does have great tones going on so I could incorporate that into it.... hmmmm so many choices! 
Maybe I shall have to scour the Salvation Army and Goodwill for some great frames that would work on that wall. Maybe look for some goldish (not gaudy) frames and some that have good shape and character so that I can spray paint them white. Ahhh spray paint how I love thee!

What do you think? Any other ideas for wall hangings that I could use in that space over the tub that keeps in time with both my vintage look and my teeny tiny budget?

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