Gallery Wall: Phase 1

I have this massive space in my bathroom that is still requiring a little attention. I've decided that I want to go ahead and do the frame gallery wall like I mentioned in a previous post. I think it's going to be great! But with the budget seeming to get tighter and tighter all the time I have to try to make it look great and amazing as cheap as possible.


 Thank goodness the Salvation Army has 50%  off days! All of these frames were 1.99 or .99 cents originally. I believe I spent less then $1.00 on! I even found those great yellow frames with a vintage image inside for the same price! I love it! (sorry bout the not so fab phone pic hehe)

I am on a mission today to get some white spray paint to get these guys ready to be hung up. I figure I will search around blog land for some great images to fill in the frames keeping with my vintage look I love so much. Yay! I'll keep you posted on the gallery wall progress! It's my first time trying it out so let's say... it should be interesting. :)

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