Guest Bath Revisited

Back in March I remodeled my guest bathroom, before I started my blog to chronicle all the DIY that I do. I figured that since I have only done one post about the entire experience I should show a little bit more of what I have done to the place. The guest bathroom is very small. Some people can fit the bathroom in their master bedroom closet! But! There are ways to make a small space work. Here are some pictures of the before:

The bathroom was missing on almost every point as far as style goes. It was extremely outdated with the western cabinets, dilapidated counters, stripey ceilings and brass strip lighting that always had between 1-2 lights burned out. This bathroom has to do triple quadruple duty in terms of functioning as a guest bath, roommate bathroom, and the main bathroom of the house when guests are over. It was starting to show it's use.

One of the first things we decided we needed to do was paint the walls and this was our inspiration:

I thought that the pale blue tone would really make the space feel lighter and brighter then it was. The orangey-tan tone was really cramping up the whole area. Unfortunately I was unlucky and didn't get quite the same color match as I was looking for and it turned kinda into this:

Don't get me wrong... I totally love blue. But that was not exactly the same light airy tone that I thought I was going for. Oops. Oh well. Paint is cheap. I'm thinking fall break... repainting the bathroom. Yay for painting! 

I also updated the counter top. Which before was the weird off-white color with the red strip around the edges and was actually falling into the wall because there was no support for it. The new counter looks sooo shiney and white! It's awesome!

It looks great! Plus I didn't have to replace that cheap nasty looking tile around the counter. Icky. We also switched out the faucet for one that actually works and doesn't spray you down when you try to use it. Which is really quite refreshing I think. 

As I showed you before we updated and painted the cabinet base so that it was a lil less country and a bit more modern and kept in time with the cool tones that I love so much.

Also added some nice hardware for the shower curtain. I found these on sale at Ross I believe and I love that they are both white AND brushed nickel! I'm contemplating replacing the shower curtain but I haven't yet found one that I'm madly in love with so we shall see on that one.

The only source of natural light in the bathroom is this itty bitty window in the shower. It's very small and the window is actually shaded by my large porch on the outside too so it gets even less light then normal. I put that little Pier 1 candle stand up there to add a little extra character.

I love yellow,white, turquoise, and green. Those are  by far my favorite colors so when I found these pictures at Bed Bath and Beyond when I was looking for accessories I found it to be extremely exciting that they were so perfect! And only $10.00 too! (This was before I was obsessed with DIY and making my own wall art. I have learned a lot from bloggy land.)

The updated light fixture was also a really great find at my local Wal-Mart. Not all WalMart things are bad and this one certainly wasn't. For only $17.00 it provided much better lighting and updated the whole place sooo much. I really like how it turned out!

Of course there was quite a few other things we did in the bathroom to update it without spending too much. Spray painting the ceiling fixtures and the back of the door, caulking around the trim, painting the ceiling, spray painting the TP roll holder and replacing the broken down hand towel racks. All of these changes make it a much happier experience to be in the bathroom. 

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  1. Your guest bathroom is lovely, you've transformed it really well. Thanks for linking up at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  2. Great makeover. Your bathroom looks nice. I love the color of your cabinet base.


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