Here's to all the little things

So recently I've been doing little updates around the house in terms of the decor. I have been switching out little things like wall art and moving vases around... switching the books... etc etc.

I started with the laundry room since it has remained untouched for so long. (Okay a few months really hehe)

Remember the "Live Well" sign that I found at Big Lots for only $5? I really really like it but I felt like it was a dark image and the space beneath the cabinets is pretty dark too, it all felt a bit dark I suppose. I wanted something to lighten it up! And lately I've been on this MEGA vintage kick. Mega-huge vintage kick. 

More on that in tomorrow's post. First! Check out the big difference a little sign switching can make.

The original reveal photo from many moons back:

A close up:

I took down the Live Well sign with my handy dandy pink hammer. I love my pink tool set! It has proven to be incredibly handy of late.

Please note that I also filled the vase full of close pins. I thought that was kinda cute you know- very laundry room like.

And I hung up the new sign! Which I  found on a notorious sale at Hobby Lobby here in town. That Hobby Lobby store and their 50% off deals... gets me every time. Plus I like that the sign is a lighter color so it seems to make the space "brighter" in some ways. I'll find a new home for my live well sign but I think this $7 dollar metal guy was super cute and coordinates with the newly paid off in full washer and dryer. 

Yay for being a grown up!

It's amazing how much better you feel after doing such little things. I surprise myself by how much I like it!

That and I am on a vintage kick. Have I mentioned that yet?


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  1. I might steal your vase full of clothespins idea for my laundry room! Oh, and I have a purple tool set! It makes me laugh when I boyfriend has to use any of the tools.


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