Kitchen Updates. Shocker!

I've been doing a little rearranging in the kitchen as well. We all already know that I don't really like my kitchen very much. It's not that bad.. but it's not great... and it's certainly not doing anything as far as resell value goes. Kitchen updating is a bit more time and budget extensive so it may be awhile yet before I get to it all the way. So what to do in the mean time to make it just a little better?

Accessories! It's like the decorating version of Bedazzling. Only better and not necessarily always sparkly.

My hand soap, dish soap, and lotion tend to get all messy and clustered around the sink. They also have this obnoxious tendency of falling into the sink when there are dirty dishes inside. I wanted to do something to sort of corall them together but make sure that it also looked nice. 

My Mom gave me the idea of putting them on a plate! Which was fantastic! Except that all the plates I have are either too big, too small, or are a weird mix between plate and bowl. So I did what any good DIY'er would do. I headed for the Goodwill.

I found these great vintage looking nickel plates for only .99 cents a piece. Plus it was red tag day which meant they were another 30% off. Awesome!

See how handsome they look standing banded together on their little silver plate? I love it. I'm also in love with Mrs. Meyer's hand soap. I think it smells awesome and the packaging of course is adorable. And vintage. Oh vintage!

You can kinda see the engraving on the bottom of the plate. Believe me. It's totally cute.

Anyone else have any quick and cheap ideas to update and improve a kitchen? I love it when it looks good and works too!

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