Magazines, Magazines Everywhere

I love DIY magazines. I love BHG and House Beautiful and Martha Stewart and Style at Home. I love them all. But sadly they are not feeling my affection. Lately they have begun to feel strongly neglected. Horribly in fact. They are all currently taking up residence in random locations throughout the McDowell home.

Here are a few places they can be tripped over discovered:

Casually smashed into this "organizer"

Stacked up on the floor covered with decorative accessories.

Stacked up on the desk with more decorative accessories in the form of wee vases.

Stacked on top of the printer on top of the desk next to the other stack that is stacked on top of the desk.

Stacked in the cubby bookshelf in the living room.

Yeah I have magazines EVERYWHERE. I will admit that I don't subscribe to all of them most of them are from friends and family who know about my wee blog here and bring them all over for me to look at, cut out, and get inspired by. I love my magazines but I need another way to organize these things... 

so I did what a normal person does... and Googled it!

I could make this sort of thing easily enough with some corner brackets for shelving and some wood. That would be pretty! Plus you could paint it any color you'd like! I'd probably go for white. As usual.

Or I could be classic and use the boxes and just mod-podge them with scrapbook paper that works with the room specifically. Who knows. I want to do something cute and unique and get the magazines up off the floor all at the same time. Hmmm.....

Oh! And I randomly found this picture. I'm in love with it! I think it would be cool to use an IKEA shelf to do a similiar thing. I'd probably put it in my living room. Possible. I think it's amazing though! Plus I have vowed to buy one of those posters from an shop I found. 

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  1. These are all good ideas! I need to make one of these for my magazines. I just have them in a big pile on my floor right now.


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