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So I reallyyy reallyyy wanna work on possibly redoing my master bedroom. It is a total mess. It is the catch all of all the other random decor cast offs. The wall decorations haven't been updated since 2008 when I moved in. I have a Twilight movie poster on the back of my door and high school pictures on the wall of people I don't even like anymore. 

Dang it. 

Here's the space right now, it's not looking so hot. (PS. The desk isn't in there anymore it is in the office but! nothing else has changed) I have the same insulated black out curtains (which are awesome by the way!) but they are just a plain sad brown color. The same side tables and lamps... it's all a little sad. Especially in comparison to how great my bathroom looks now!

Compare my bedroom to the bathroom:

Lovely and refreshing bathroom! Ahhh sooo relaxing....

I love the beautiful colors... sooo prettyyyy.

Even unfinished it looks more finished!

It is time for a design crisis intervention! I think I can intervene on myself... right? oh well. I'm doing it anyways. I surfed around blogland for some bedroom inspirations. I have to do it totally on the cheap so! I need to make sure I have a grasp on what I want to do. 

Here's what I've gotten so far after a basic Google search of master bedroom designs:


I like this one because I also have a huge window all along one wall. Maybe I could part with my black out curtains and make some that are longer and more luxurious to lighten up the space. I love how the ones above are metallic and run from the floor to the ceiling.

Of course I'm madly in love with these colors! Natural tones and white? Does it get any better?? No! It's a little bit themey with all of the beach and coral stuff but I do love how large and airy the entire space feels. 

Uhmmm we all know I love beadboard so I don't think I need to explain this one much farther. The colors are a little too dark for my tastes as far as the furniture and that kind of thing. But I do love how high up the bead board is. Mmmm happiness. Plus the ceiling is totally cool!

I love the way that cool grey and white look together! This is a small space but it looks so massive! I love that. I love it when rooms are small but actually feel quite large because of the colors and furniture arrangement.

This room is just pretty! It's so feminine and lush... mmmm I love it! If I didn't have a boy that came in and tended to make things messy this would be my number one choice!


This room is also a great inspiration! Once again with the light colored furniture. I like the color of the walls and i think it could really tie in with the bathroom. I want the spaces to feel united. I don't want them to be the same color by any means but I want them to feel like they are communicating and you have the same feeling going into either one. 
Ahhh so many ideas! I will take some better before pictures tomorrow to post for everyone... perhaps you guys will have some better ideas for me on what to do with the space. First thing I'll tell you. The color has got to go!

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  1. I think the master bedroom is my next project too! I can’t wait to see what you do. I love the inspiration pictures. I want my room girly like that one, but I’m sure my boyfriend wouldn’t go for that idea!


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