More Bath Finishes!

I've got more bathroom updates to show you! I know, I know. You can hardly contain yourself As soon as you read that you couldn't quite believe it! Another round of random decorations in the master bathroom??

Oh yes. Yes indeed!

I had this random space above my random floating shelf that was calling out for some sort of decoration. But alas.  Whatever shall we put there?

Well first of all I would like to say that I do have another white shelf that will go below that one. I just have to hang it up. And by "I" of course I mean Justin. He has decided that my attempts to hang anything larger then a nail aren't the best. I think holes add character and surprise behind the picture frame. But whatever right?

So I found this great print from Hobby Lobby yesterday! It's an antique'd sort of subway style image that came already with a mat. It was also only $6.00. Seriously. Half off sales... 

Danger zone.

Anyways ... my print here is awesome!

I love what it says too; "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined." I put it into a frame that I already had. It matches one of the frames that is in the gallery wall so it was able to subtly tie back to the opposite side of the room. 

Anddd here he is on the wall! yay!

The lights were reflecting on the glass but here's a farther away view of it Looks  little bit more finished and it also stays in time with the vintage thing I've been going for. Ahhh. Vintage.

After that I was on a roll! I decided I would decorate around the bathtub!  Because that is the exciting life that I lead. Holla. 

My Mom decided she is going to have a garage sale so I decided I would raid her stuff first to see what I could get at the family discount. Also known as free. 

She had this apothecary jar looking thingy (that was also plastic. Which is awesome.) And I thought that it would be perfect for those weird corners around my tub. So I bought some cheap bath salts from WalMart. I'm allergic to them so I went cheap for decorations sake. 

Cute right? She also had this adorable little wire basket. I rolled up a few towels that were the complimentary colors (read: turquoise and white) in the room and put them inside. It sort of looks a little more spa-like now. Soaker tubs should feel that way I think. 

Here's a pan out of the entire corner of the bathroom. To date the improvements include:
  • Gallery wall
  • New wall color
  • New art
  • New tub accessories
  • New jars for cotton balls, etc.
  • New window coverings
  • New cabinet paint. 
  • New accessories.

Lucy even felt compelled to check out the progress first hand to determine whether or not it was truly acceptable for her feline self.

Too bad her attention span is limited and she became enthralled by the slow drip of the faucet.

Another special Lucy moment for all of my fantastic friends and followers out there.

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  1. hello where did you buy the apothecary jar looking thingy?????????


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