My Master = Desperate.

As I mentioned the other day my master bedroom is desperate for some new-ness. It is not very pretty right now. Its really just somewhere that I go to sleep and that's it. I don't spend time in my room at all. I spend more time in my amazing bathroom or the office. I think it would be great to have some sort of retreat for myself away from homework, schools, blogging, DIYing, etc. Not to say that I dislike any of those things but  you always have to give yourself space. 

Here is a shot when it was a lot cleaner. Lol.

Here's the curtains. I have the sheers over the windows because my large window actually looks over the car port and that's not very pretty really.
You can also see how obnoxious those stripes on the ceiling are. Seriously if you have drywall ceilings I am the face of envy. These things are ugly. Even painted you can still see the weird stripes.

Also these are my gigandor closet doors Each closet in the bedrooms has this same set up. I'm stumped on what to do with these. Tension rods and hand made curtains maybe? Certainly would allow for better access. But how would that translate as far as being able to resell? Hmmm....

My bed is a mess but you can see those same mirrors. The too small lamps. The breaking side tables. Those actually aren't in that bad of shape they just need a little help as far as fixing the drawers and maybe some new paint or something.

My closet organizer is a life saver! I do color coordinate my clothes. I worked at Hollister from the ages of 17-20 and we had a specific color order that everything was coordinated by. That has definitely translated back into my closet. Looks nicer though.

Weird conundrum ofdoors constantly clashing together. You can see here how the room just doesn't flow with the bathroom anymore. They are totally different spaces now! It's weird. And I have a chair with no seat cushion. Cuz that is cool.

Another door over here and my dresser with a random assortment of things on top. Also an ugly and sad vinyl wall decal tree that is stuck underneath of my floating shelf that is housing an empty box of kleenex. Random string hanging on the wall. Beautiful.

The room is so short on character, function, warmth, and anything else that would be a happy bedroom related pronoun. The space is pretty large but it has weird wall space. Because of the massive doors and windows the bed can only be in one spot, so there won't be any rearranging here. Whatever shall I do? 

I'm thinking...

  • New paint color
  • paint ceiling and trim white
  • new wall decor
  • take down doors and put in curtains. (keep doors in garage in instance of resell)
  • Leave dresser but get a large mirror for weird space next to bedroom door to prop against the wall and find a small cozy chair to repurpose/reupholster. 
  • Buy a rug from IKEA or somewhere similar that would be easy to repaint with either chevron stripes or just regular stripes. I want to anchor the room but cozy up the wood flooring a bit. I found this great rug painting tutorial
  • new lamps (okay I have the lamps I just need to get the lampshades finally)
  • update or change curtains
I'm not going to jinx myself and say I'll do it in a week. But hopefully this reno will require much less construction then the master bathroom. I'm thinking redecorating not totally renovating lol.

Do you guys have any other ideas that I could use for updating my master bedroom?

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  1. I think painting is going to make a huge difference. Have you decided on a color yet? Gah! I can’t wait to see it!


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