Sorry bout the Slack

Sorry I've been somewhat slack on my postings the last few days. I've been working on getting doggy back home to her owners. Thankfully yesterday they turned up and took her home. Turns out her name was really "Sleigh" who knew? I have also been trying really hard to find a new roommate. Probably one of my least favorite activities in the whole world but it is better then trying to pay all of the bills myself. Gotta be realistic sometimes.

In general I've just really been slacking a lot. The bathroom isn't any further along then it was last weekend. I totally haven't even done any yard work. Basically I've been the world's biggest blog slacker this weekend.

I did decide to compile a list of all the things around my house that I want to spray paint in order to "update"

  • door knobs
  • handles in kitchen
  • light switches/outlet covers
  • picture frames
  • vases
  • wine bottles
  • hard-wired smoke detector
  • furnace cover
I do love me some spray paint. In fact awhile back I decided to spray paint both of the ceiling fans in my house because I didn't have the money to buy new ones.

You can kinda see the old one in the top of this picture:

Here's what it looks like after some spray paint love, not bad for $12.00 right?

I painted the metal with my beloved brushed nickel Hammered spray paint and I painted the blades with a dark brown Krylon paint. I also replaced the bulb covers and added a nice tuggy cord thing to make it look really finished. Not so 80s no!

Eck. I really need a better camera! Please ignore the stripes on the ceiling.. That's going to be quite a process to try to paint over. Slowly but surely I'm working on covering those. The bathrooms, office, and laundry room all have new celings but the main space is so large and tall that it will involve a lot of moving furniture and covering flooring to get it done.Yay. It'll happen though. Don't even worry.

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  1. Slacker is my middle name this month! Besides finishing up the bathroom I haven’t done anything all month. I need to get my act together!

    The ceiling fans look 100x better!


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