Switchin' It Up

Sometimes when it comes to home renovating or decorating it's really the little things that make the biggest difference. Actually I think it's my mom that taught me that. One thing that always bothers me is dingy and off white switch plates and switches for lights and other electrical thingums. My house has a plentiful amount of those odd colored pluggys. 

They are pretty nasty looking I think. Of course the drywall with a huge hole in it isn't too much better but... you know. 

My Mom and I found these metal swith plate covers on clearance at Target awhile back and I have been updating all of the ones in the house ever since. See how great they look?

Again from a distance:

And here's the new ones from a distance:

I think it's important, especially in this market with the type of house that I have to do those little upgrades to put my place above the rest. Some have asked me before; "Why bother? It's a trailer." And to be fair I generally resist correcting their politically incorrect term. I bother because a lot of retirement communities are  mobile home communities because the yards are smaller and less maintenance, the cost of living is cheaper which means more time for travelling. Just because it's a trailer doesn't make it any less a home. I love it when people walk in and totally change their minds about manufactured homes. 

Hopefully if you have been reading my blog or even been to my house that is the effect that you have experienced! Keep following and I'll show you how we can break the stereotype of trailers or manufactured homes and maybe even show you why they are not such a bad first home purchase!

Happy Labor Day!

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