Time to Winterize!

I've been thinking lately that I'm going to have to start the process of winterizing my house. Now of course all around blogland we have seen crazy amounts of ways to winterize. All of which are excellent methods.... for a conventional house.
But what about a manufactured home? They aren't exactly known for their sustainability or energy efficient tendencies. I have to get pretty creative this year with it too. With cuts in my budget and hours I need to save every penny I can... everywhere that I can... So I've got a few ideas I'm going to be trying out.

  • Replace hollow back door with an insulated one (door cost: $116.00)
  • Caulk around all windows in the house 
  • Use plastic on certain windows (the kind you blow dry on to the windows)
  • Put up insulated curtains in dining room and office. (I have them in my bedroom and they work!)
  • Plug in heat tape so that pipes don't freeze
  • Clean out my gutters!!! They are pretty nasty dirty.... I'm pretty sure there are plants growing in there..
  • DIY some under the door draft blockers for the front door and the back door to keep even more cold air out!
  • Change out my furnace filters so that it's performing 100%
  • Put both ceiling fans into reverse, that way the warm air will collect by the ceiling and the fans will kick it back into the space. Cheaper to run a fan then a furnace!
  • Wear lots of sweaters.
Hmmm guess I have a lot to do! Plus I want to decorate for Halloween this weekend! I've seen so many great things going on lately in all of the fantastic blogs that I follow... I think I'll be doing a lil DIY action while I'm at it! hehe Yay!

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