White Spray Paint= New Life!

The last couple of days have been pretty crazzyyy around here. When I was walking home from class on Thursday I found this sweet puppy wandering along North Ave which is one of the busiest streets in town. She is very well trained and very very sweet. She hardly jumps or barks. We think she's about 8 months old. So yesterday I spent a lot of time calling the puppy search and rescue places around town as well as advertising this adorable girl on Facebook. So far no luck in finding the mommy and daddy to this precious baby.

She's really a lot of fun. I've been calling her Harleigh. 

Also my older cat Pouka (whose about 13 or 14) has been veryyy veryyy sick the last few days. I've been chasing after her with a spray bottle and paper towels because she is so sick. I'm not sure what to do with her. I think she may have a hairball in her tummy that is causing her to be a bit unbalanced but I'm not really sure. I can't get her to take the medicine that I got from the doctor. I'll just have to make sure she stays very hydrated and very far away from the dog for awhile.

On a brighter- less pet related note-

I made some new decorations out of my old wine bottles since Justin bought me more full bottles to replace the empty ones in the wine rack.

I also had this pear that I bought at Salvation Army for .49 cents. I thought it was great but maybe a new color was what it needed. 

Here's a couple of the wine bottles that I have around... I feel bad throwing them away so I decided I had to do something nice with them.

I stated out by giving them all a nice bath in some hot hot water. I wanted to soak the labels off so I could do something cute with the bottles. I put lots of bubbles in there to sort of expedite the process. I'm not sure if it helped any but I did try.

I found my favorite fellow Mr. Krylon hiding out in the spray paint box that is currently living on my new shelf in the laundry room. He is my favorite friend! He has served me well through about 4 or 5 projects recently. Love it.

I spray painted the wine bottles.... after spending forever trying to peel the labels off. Yayyy for Goo-Gone! I also spray painted my little pear they look so great white! I thought that the white wine bottle was a bit plain though.

So I used some of the twine that I had laying around the house that Lucy had not yet destroyed. (She managed to ruin an entire roll of hemp in 25 minutes.) 

I wrapped the twine around the neck of the bottle. I didn't glue it or anything I just tied it on the bottom and tucked the top into the other twine layers. It turned out pretty cute I think. I can use the bottle for almost anything. It could be a vase or just stand alone. I love that the smooth white texture clashes beautifully with the natural color and texture of the twine. I love it.

Here's the finished version! Plus my ever growing collection of wine bottle corks. hehehee.

Anyone have any advice on lil doggy? I'm not sure if I should take her to the pound or what. I feel bad doing that but... I've never taken home a lost doggy before! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

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  1. How very nice of you to bring home this sweet pup... most people just do not get involved. If you can find a no kill shelter than by all means bring her.. someone will adopt such a cutie!
    As for your bottles, I wanted to spray paint some but was worried they would peel in time...
    Good luck with finding a home for Harleigh!

  2. This looks great – I really love it! Good luck with the pup :)



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