Master Bedroom Has Begun!

Happy Halloween!

I have had a very busy weekend! First of all it was Halloween soooo I had to get my outfit all ready! It's my last Halloween as a student so I decided to really go all out. I was finally able to accomplish my dream of being the Little Mermaid! Lucky for me my Mom has some skill with some sewing. She made the skirt and the fins for me and then I just bought the top from Victoria's Secret online for 11.99. For less then $20 I had the perfect mermaid costume and an awesomely fun night with my friends.

I guess Walt Disney would be proud. hehe.

Speaking of mermaids I also found some great mermaids on sale at Hobby Lobby! Everything that was metal was an added 50% off! So I got this little lady for $3.00!

I also got these hooks for $1.99 a piece! Remember the ones that I wanted from Etsy? Well these are almost the exact same! Just some spray paint and I can change them into any color I please! Though I won't lie I am kind of a fan of the rustic cast iron thing.

I also found some seahorses! I thought of my best friend Brandi when I bought these... I miss you Brandi!

And this gigantor rope ball! It was a little bit more expensive at $10.00 but I really like it. It also is working really well as a door stop. 

Now as you all know I've been really wanting to work on my bedroom. It just is hard to work on a space when you live in that space everyday. But since there is the fact that I have to get a roommate in the extra room (I'm trying to refrain from calling it the "office" so I can detach myself. Little psychology there) and I have to move them in as soon as possible it sort of expedites the bedroom redo. First thing I did was unload my entire bedroom into the living room: 

Which means all of this.....

Has to fit out here. You can see where all of the stuffed animals went.

One of the things I have to do in order to cram all of the office stuff back into my bedroom is to clean out the closet. Eminem style.. Luckily I have a closet organizer.

And as you can tell that closet organizer is filled to the brim with clothes. Lots of clothes. But all organized by color and style. Bottom right? White tees. Yep. That is how I roll. 

The organizer has these shelves which I managed to clear a few spots off of to make room for office products, magazine organizers, paper for the computer, etc.

This top shelf used to house my abundance of stuffed animals. I really don't like stuffed animals but over the years I've accumulated quite a few. I bought a big plastic tub from WallyWorld and packed up my favorite ones and am going to donate the rest to Salvation Army for kids that need presents. Warm fuzzies for donating. 

Oh! And this is my scarf organization so far, it's in progress but it's much easier to find my scarves if they are up on hooks like this!

Here's only a few of my shoes. It's sort of pathetic that I turned over a laundry basket to house them.They are deserving of better then that! I am sorry shoes! I love you.

After I got the room decently cleaned out It was time to do the first step of the loads of painting that needed to be done. 
I really hate the ceilings in my house. They are trailer and ghetto with their off white paneling and yellow stripey things. However for anyone else who has ever painted a ceiling the idea of it is not any fun. It's hard to tell where you went and you end up with a serious neck ache.

Meet my new best friend, who would have thought that for 17 bucks my life was made a heck of a lot easier.

Here's the glory of the master bedroom ceiling Before I started painting. (The ceiling fan that you see there used to be gold and white, I repainted it a couple summers ago with Krylon Hammered metal and white. Huge difference!) 

It was really kind of fun to use the ceiling paint! It made it look really cool as it was drying. It kinda made me panic a little that I had a pink ceiling but it dries fairly quickly and made it so much easier. It usually takes me 3 to 4 hours to paint the ceiling and with this paint it only took me an hour and a half. 

This picture isn't upside down. The outlet is. The joys of living in a manufactured home. Awesome.

Here's the after for the ceiling! It's a huge difference! The stripes were still drying in this picture but it made the ceiling seem about a million times cleaner and taller. 

Taking down the trailer stripes on the walls is always worth it in the end. However in the process they look really bad and require a great deal of spackling. I am not experienced with spackling. I gave it a good go though! I have the reinforcements called in on this one so I'll let you know how it looks when it's all done! Right now here is the "before/during:"

My attempt to spackle = not good. It looks worse I think. 

This is the frame around the large window in my room that I have been meaning to paint since I  moved in.... almost four years ago. I'd really hate to rush anything! hehe. Ooopsss! It is totally painted now and looks far more finished. Working on my bedroom has really shown me how much I have neglected it in order to work on other areas of the house. I think this reno/redo is really going to be a good thing in the long run. Even if I do have to give up my totally awesome office.

Of course Lucy also enjoyed the finer parts of painting. She did just about everything imaginable with the plastic over the bed. Including:

Sleeping under it.

Rolling in it.

Sleeping on it.

Sliding down it.

She's a very optimistic animal. Of course she is also very curious. It was a bit of a challenge to keep her from eating the caulking and playing with the paint. Phew. Well. The first part is done. Painting the ceiling. What's left on the list?
  1. Get large white rug for floor
  2. Build new office desk *if old one doesn't fit, which it probably won't but we'll see.
  3. Organize closet and end stands to make room for office goods.
  4. Rearrange furniture.
  5. Build headboard from old pallets
  6. Paint walls
  7. Paint ceilings
  8. Add curtains in front of bathroom entry
  9. Gallery wall 
  10. Hang mirror
  11. Remove stripes and patch
  12. Paint window frames
  13. Organize under bed space
  14. New miniblinds for front window
  15. Solve curtain issues.
Oh man. As always my lists seem to keep getting longer. Not to worry! I'm sure I'll add more to it! I am excited to finally be getting to spend a little time on myself by redoing the master suite. It'll totally be worth it when I'm all done!

Light up my World

So my house is going through some major changes over the next few weeks.
So why not add another idea to the list? I have this treacherous ceiling fan in the dining room. I thought that if I painted it up all nice and eliminated some of the 80s-ness of it I would be able to live with it much easier. Unfortunately not the case. See the fan itself is fully functional but it's sort of just suspended from the ceiling by a dangerous looking ball joint-thing.

Plus a ceiling fan over the table always seems kinda gross. Just rotating around buggies and what have you. On Pinterest lately I've found some awesome dining rooms that I would love to have! I really like this one particularly:

Really I just love the rug and the drum light. I think that I could probably DIY a drum light like that one and replace the big hefty ceiling fan.

Plus I think it would really update the space and look a lot better. The current light is kind of dark and doesn't look very good. Since I'll have another roommate soon that will give me some extra funds for the kitchen update and the dining room is part of the kitchen! Plus I really do like the rug that is in the above dining room. I'm feeling like a weekend trip to the Denver IKEA is in order very soon! I'm going to make the best of my room since it will have to also turn into the office and bedroom and linen closet. I think it will all work out for the best. 

I'm going to be painting my bedroom this weekend! I've recruited a team of assistants to help me paint, the organization will go down on Saturday night and the painting on Sunday! I'll keep you posted on the progress!

Official Sacrifices.

So we all know how much I adore and love my sweet little office. With the big cozy chair... fun stripes... rug and customized bookshelf...
We also all know how much I love to do projects and want to redo the kitchen.
Unfortunately because I haven't had a third roommate I've been paying way more for household bills. In fact about 85 % of my income is going towards bills and I have depleted my savings. 
Being a home owner is all about sacrifice. In order to put more money back into my savings and redo my kitchen, on top of saving for my semester of student teaching, going to have to get another roommate and give up my gorgeous office. 

I suppose to save over $400.00 a month it'll be worth it. The only problem is trying to get everything in the office to fit back into either my bedroom, the laundry room storage area, or the front closet.
Shakespeare would say: Therein lies the challenge. Or maybe he wouldn't say that, who knows really.

So the first thing I have to do is come up with a new desk situation. I love my desk but it's too big for the space. It won't fit in there anymore especially since I'll have to move my big ole cozy chair to the foot of the bed. It'll definitely be a cozy space. 

This is my ghetto Paint skills. Hehe. But it gives you the general idea on how the entire space will be laid out.

I've found a few great desk plan ideas on pinterest and also on Here's my favorite one so far {here}:

It's pretty cute and compact. Sort of looks like one from Pottery Barn and has a space for a tower (my main computer is a desktop) all of which are good. I'm sure I can get creative with a spot for the printer.
Oh to being wise and down sizing. This whole save-money-effort is also going to require some closet purging. Depressing. But we're going into the season so it 'tis the season of giving. 

Before I can move anyone in though I will have to make sure my room is ready to receive all of the stuff that I have managed to smash into the office. That means a total overhaul. Ready for a list? Ok!
  • Clean out under the bed and store extra bedding in under the bed storage boxes
  • pack up old stuffed animals into bins to be stored in the garage
  • paint
  • clean out closet and pack up stuffed animals, shred old receipts, organize hanging clothes and shoes
  • build new desk for corner of room
  • buy big fluffy rug for the room.
I'm sure you can tell I'm a little bummed about giving up my office space but I realize in the long run it's probably the best idea since I'm needing to be really smart financially. Of course the sooner I can get a new roommate the better but we'll have to see how everything goes. The plan is geared in that direction.

On a happy note!

It does mean that I get to DIY a desk! Yay! It also means I shall get to redo my kitchen much sooner, and we all know how bad I've been wanting to do that!

Overall it is a positive thing. Yes. That is what it is. A positive-moving-forward-being-a-growed-up decision.

Tuesday 10: Etsy Must-Wants!

I love! Ever since I was first introduced to it when I started really getting into this bloggy about 6 months ago I have been in love with! There are so many fun and unique things I just want to buy so badly! And I will! One day! Very soon. Hopefully.

Here's my top ten picks!
1. These fun yellow and white pillows! {Found Here}

2. I am in love with Mermaids, we all know this probably. This cast iron mermaid is amazing... I want to marry her. Yes. I said it. {found here}

3. I want a lovely set of tea towels... I'm not sure why.. just one of those things.I love these towels! {found here}

4.  I also love these beautiful white frames! I would love to do a gallery wall in my bedroom with some gorgeous- all white- frames. 
LIGHTBULB! I think I will! {found here}

5. I love me some wine so this little set up is awesome! I think it'd be fun. I think I need a bigger kitchen though. {found here}

6. I love anything that has "Keep Calm and Carry On" so this little block of wood spoke to me. I want it! I believe that my future classroom will have a lot of these pieces all over the place. {found here}

7. I also love how this mason jar looks as a soap dispenser! I also love that it's all white! I think it's very clean and fresh. Also it has a great vintage vibe and still allows you to put any color of soap inside without it being seen or looking weird. {found here}

8. Of course you know me and my blue ball jar obsession, so carrying forth with the hand soap thing are these beauties! {found here}
9. This rug is 90 dollars. But I want to run away and elope in Vegas with it because it is sooo AWESOME! {found here}

10. Last but most certainly not least is this great chalk board! It looks like something you would find in an old antique shop but totally repurposed in a fantastic way! I love chalkboards. Idea for the kitchen here.... hmmm.... yes. Excellent! {found here}

Moonlight Grey

Finally! After much deliberation I have discovered the perfect color for my bedroom! I am so excited! It's called.. yup you guessed it.... "Moonlight Grey" by Glidden (sorry facebook friends I thought it was Behr) I bought the little paint sample guy for decide for certain if that was the color I wanted.

It's so cute! And it has a tiny brush! It's so cute! Tiny Brush!

I painted a "square" on each wall in my room just to make sure that it looked good with all the different lighting that came from the two large windows in my room. So far it does! I think this time I might splurge and get it in paint and primer paint just because that brown is actually pretty hard to cover up and gives everything a pinkish-blue undertone. I dunno how that works but it does. 

Here's my choice up against the other contenders that I had going for awhile. In the one month that I had the blue colors up there I became incredibly bored with them. I took that as an internal sign to not choose any of those. Intuitive I am. I think the color is really going to be great!

Another great feature of my color choice is that it is actually in the same realm of the bathroom color:

Since you look directly from the bedroom into the bathroom and vice versa since I took out the French doors leading to the bathroom it was really important to make sure there was still a flow. It would have been weird if I'd had a grey bathroom and a blue bedroom. Totally weird on the eyeballs.

Of course my bathroom is a wreck in this picture. But alas. It happens a lot. The purpose of the photo was to show how much the spaces are now one big bedroom bathroom combo so it's crucial that they flow together. Having a color that is slightly different then the bathroom color for the bedroom still allows it to have a different feeling and division but it doesn't hinder the overall experience and really makes it so that you feel like you are moving easily back and forth. 

Yay! Getting closer!