10 Bloggin Things

10 Blog Things I Gotta Do

  1. I desperately need to redo my blog header. I love the photos but they are totally blurry. My sister is a great photographer so I'm going to have her come over to help me find some photos that are more personalized to my house and what I do

2. I really need to work on my layout. I keep trying to add things and then forget where I put them on the sidebar which then gets all  kinds of screwy. The new blogger page is something that I'm trying to get used to. I hate messing with my template though. That always goes all crazy.

3. I need to update my blog buttons also. You can see that they still have my old URL instead of my new one. That and the there's no border to it which I think would be much cuter.


4. I need to be better about linking my blog up to all the great link parties out there. It really is fun to go through and see everyone else's projects and get inspiration. I miss out on that when I forget to do the link parties. Shame.

5.  I ought to invest in a better camera so that the photos I load onto my blog are better quality and don't have such an orange-hue. That could be the color of the walls though... who knows.

6.  Maybe copy Sam fromThe Junk House and do a blogroll page instead of the links in the side bar. Might make it look a bit more uniform which is always good I think.

7. I really would like  to get on Pinterest. But I guess you have to be invited.... I suppose it's like the VIP of crafting land or something. It sounds awfully exciting!

8. I think I need to take more photos and add more details on my blog about the projects I do, how much they cost, and where I got the idea for them. 

9. I really just need to do my bathroom reveal at some point in the near future. lol.

10. I'm working on becoming more familiar with photo editors like Picnik and GIMP. Hopefully that way I can do better with side by side comparisons of photos and projects! I'm working on it! Also I really want to do some end of the month wrap ups. 

Do you have any tips or suggestions for how I can improve my blog? What would make it more user friendly for you, the reader? This is only my 4th month blogging and I want to improve every month that I have this going! Thank you to everyone by the way!

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  1. I need to work on my header, layout and buttons too!

    I can invite you to Pinterest if you want! Send me the e-mail address you want to use to login and I'll send you an invite.


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