Another Kitchen To-Do list

So yesterday I mentioned showing the major problem areas in the kitchen that I absolutely want to fix.
The big one is the little doors above the refrigerator. Luckily I'm tall so this space is really useful for me in storing things like cook books and decorations.

But the previous owners of my house (like many other things) decided to do some of their own modifications in order to fit in a larger fridge. Who needs to cut a straight line on the cabinets, as long as it's in a line, right? Right?

Wrong. It looks terrible really. And the exposed nails underneath? Mmmm. Yeah. Beautiful. It almost makes the western woodwork look good. 



There's also this weird notch out thing in between the two cabinets up above the stove. It's weird because it eats into the space of the cabinets and there really isn't anything that fits on those little shelves. I don't know exactly what I'll do there... maybe just paint them and put up some new small accessories. We'll see.

Here's a shot of the beautiful ceiling. This is my least favorite thing about a modular home. The flourescent light fixtures (one of which doesn't work) and the slanted ceiling with the stripes. The problem with this is that I have a huge open layout in the main living space which would require having to paint all of it.

I'm thinking a paint party! Whoo! My friends and family are going to love me. It will make the space seem so much bigger and less... well... let's be honest here... dumpy. Much less dumpy. I may not be able to do much with the lights except for maybe fix one of them but I can paint the holders so they blend a bit better.
My skylight is pretty cool though. The light shines onto the tiles and Lucy likes to roast herself on the hot tiles, which is kinda cute.

These are the only 4 drawers in the entire kitchen. I don't know why there are so few drawers but alas, you do what you can with what you have. I wanna use my oil-rubbed bronze spray paint for the hardware. It's a huge money saver to not have to buy new hardware. $5 dollars on spray paint or $50 on new door pulls.

Yup. Spray paint is what I do.

These are the doors just beneath the sink and they have been totally brutalized over the years. In fact the one on the left tends to fall off. The 'wood' is destroyed along the top and little bits of it fall off. The same problem is going on with the bottom also. These two doors are going to have to be completely rebuilt. I'm thinking of using my favorite material-bead board- to replace these two. It might be a cute accent. Of course all the cabinets will be painted white.

This weird underneath the counter bar thingy area will also get a new white paint job to blend it in with the rest of the house and with the kitchen as well. Its sort of a transition area between the spaces so I want it to flow as much as possible. 
And maybe I can paint the bland bar stools!

Another project that I have to do that is kitchen related is to reupholster my dining room chairs. When I moved out I was lucky enough to inherit this solid cherry table from my aunt. It's a beautiful set that they rarely used, which would explain why the upholstery hasn't held up over the few years they've been at my house.

A close up of just how stained up they are. Icky. I have been pondering over what kind of fabric to put on them instead. I want something relatively neutral but that will stand up much better to people, roommates, and cats.

Once again there's Lucyfurr creeping around in the corner of the picture. The table and chairs really are very beautiful and sturdy. 

It seems lately I've just been making lists and lists of what I want to do... I promise very soon I will actually get to the doing. Well relatively soon. As soon as I possibly can.

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