Bedroom: Phase 1

 The very first thing that I do in any remodel is to take out all of the accessories that are in the space. I cleared off my dresser and my nightstands and corralled everything into a laundry basket. I never use laundry baskets for laundry these days they are always filled with decorations. Oops. I also took down the bit of wall art that I already had up so here is what it looks like bare (ignore the messy bed again):

All of my furniture is white so that part is easy. I don't need to get a new dresser or anything like that because I got this one from an old roommate and painted it to match the nightstands. My Mom's friend gave me that headboard that was originally a 70s bronze and I painted it white to match everything else as well. My awesome mirror is from HomeGoods in Denver.

Here you can see how mini the lamps from IKEA back in 2008 look. Don't get me wrong. I love IKEA but they just aren't cutting it in the space anymore. Also that is the cat's toy basket. They are totally spoiled little kitties. Notice how the paint color makes everything look super orange? It's terrible. I have discovered white  light bulbs though. They make a huge difference! I have them in the bathrooms and my office. I've been slowly switching all of them out. It gives it a much cleaner and brighter feel.

I caught Lucy playing with one of my hair ties behind the doors. These three doors in my room are a major cluster. The cats use them to hide behind and smack each other but otherwise they are almost all useless and full of holes.The doors will come down!

Here's a basic breakdown on what needs to happen in the bedchamber:

Kind of a lot even in just one little corner! It's going to be great once it's all done! Also it will help with the whole resale thing. Scary to think I may be putting my first place on the market in about a year. Crazyyy! Feels like I just moved in!

Hopefully soon I can make a trip to IKEA to get some things for the room. I want to pick up 1 EKTORP rug and paint it possibly, I also want to get one for my bathroom. We've discovered if the rug is over 4 feet Pouka is less inclined to use it as a porta-potty. The savings on the rugs themselves will justify the drive to Denver. Hopefully this month sometime I can make it happen!

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