Light up my World

So my house is going through some major changes over the next few weeks.
So why not add another idea to the list? I have this treacherous ceiling fan in the dining room. I thought that if I painted it up all nice and eliminated some of the 80s-ness of it I would be able to live with it much easier. Unfortunately not the case. See the fan itself is fully functional but it's sort of just suspended from the ceiling by a dangerous looking ball joint-thing.

Plus a ceiling fan over the table always seems kinda gross. Just rotating around buggies and what have you. On Pinterest lately I've found some awesome dining rooms that I would love to have! I really like this one particularly:

Really I just love the rug and the drum light. I think that I could probably DIY a drum light like that one and replace the big hefty ceiling fan.

Plus I think it would really update the space and look a lot better. The current light is kind of dark and doesn't look very good. Since I'll have another roommate soon that will give me some extra funds for the kitchen update and the dining room is part of the kitchen! Plus I really do like the rug that is in the above dining room. I'm feeling like a weekend trip to the Denver IKEA is in order very soon! I'm going to make the best of my room since it will have to also turn into the office and bedroom and linen closet. I think it will all work out for the best. 

I'm going to be painting my bedroom this weekend! I've recruited a team of assistants to help me paint, the organization will go down on Saturday night and the painting on Sunday! I'll keep you posted on the progress!

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