Master Bedroom Has Begun!

Happy Halloween!

I have had a very busy weekend! First of all it was Halloween soooo I had to get my outfit all ready! It's my last Halloween as a student so I decided to really go all out. I was finally able to accomplish my dream of being the Little Mermaid! Lucky for me my Mom has some skill with some sewing. She made the skirt and the fins for me and then I just bought the top from Victoria's Secret online for 11.99. For less then $20 I had the perfect mermaid costume and an awesomely fun night with my friends.

I guess Walt Disney would be proud. hehe.

Speaking of mermaids I also found some great mermaids on sale at Hobby Lobby! Everything that was metal was an added 50% off! So I got this little lady for $3.00!

I also got these hooks for $1.99 a piece! Remember the ones that I wanted from Etsy? Well these are almost the exact same! Just some spray paint and I can change them into any color I please! Though I won't lie I am kind of a fan of the rustic cast iron thing.

I also found some seahorses! I thought of my best friend Brandi when I bought these... I miss you Brandi!

And this gigantor rope ball! It was a little bit more expensive at $10.00 but I really like it. It also is working really well as a door stop. 

Now as you all know I've been really wanting to work on my bedroom. It just is hard to work on a space when you live in that space everyday. But since there is the fact that I have to get a roommate in the extra room (I'm trying to refrain from calling it the "office" so I can detach myself. Little psychology there) and I have to move them in as soon as possible it sort of expedites the bedroom redo. First thing I did was unload my entire bedroom into the living room: 

Which means all of this.....

Has to fit out here. You can see where all of the stuffed animals went.

One of the things I have to do in order to cram all of the office stuff back into my bedroom is to clean out the closet. Eminem style.. Luckily I have a closet organizer.

And as you can tell that closet organizer is filled to the brim with clothes. Lots of clothes. But all organized by color and style. Bottom right? White tees. Yep. That is how I roll. 

The organizer has these shelves which I managed to clear a few spots off of to make room for office products, magazine organizers, paper for the computer, etc.

This top shelf used to house my abundance of stuffed animals. I really don't like stuffed animals but over the years I've accumulated quite a few. I bought a big plastic tub from WallyWorld and packed up my favorite ones and am going to donate the rest to Salvation Army for kids that need presents. Warm fuzzies for donating. 

Oh! And this is my scarf organization so far, it's in progress but it's much easier to find my scarves if they are up on hooks like this!

Here's only a few of my shoes. It's sort of pathetic that I turned over a laundry basket to house them.They are deserving of better then that! I am sorry shoes! I love you.

After I got the room decently cleaned out It was time to do the first step of the loads of painting that needed to be done. 
I really hate the ceilings in my house. They are trailer and ghetto with their off white paneling and yellow stripey things. However for anyone else who has ever painted a ceiling the idea of it is not any fun. It's hard to tell where you went and you end up with a serious neck ache.

Meet my new best friend, who would have thought that for 17 bucks my life was made a heck of a lot easier.

Here's the glory of the master bedroom ceiling Before I started painting. (The ceiling fan that you see there used to be gold and white, I repainted it a couple summers ago with Krylon Hammered metal and white. Huge difference!) 

It was really kind of fun to use the ceiling paint! It made it look really cool as it was drying. It kinda made me panic a little that I had a pink ceiling but it dries fairly quickly and made it so much easier. It usually takes me 3 to 4 hours to paint the ceiling and with this paint it only took me an hour and a half. 

This picture isn't upside down. The outlet is. The joys of living in a manufactured home. Awesome.

Here's the after for the ceiling! It's a huge difference! The stripes were still drying in this picture but it made the ceiling seem about a million times cleaner and taller. 

Taking down the trailer stripes on the walls is always worth it in the end. However in the process they look really bad and require a great deal of spackling. I am not experienced with spackling. I gave it a good go though! I have the reinforcements called in on this one so I'll let you know how it looks when it's all done! Right now here is the "before/during:"

My attempt to spackle = not good. It looks worse I think. 

This is the frame around the large window in my room that I have been meaning to paint since I  moved in.... almost four years ago. I'd really hate to rush anything! hehe. Ooopsss! It is totally painted now and looks far more finished. Working on my bedroom has really shown me how much I have neglected it in order to work on other areas of the house. I think this reno/redo is really going to be a good thing in the long run. Even if I do have to give up my totally awesome office.

Of course Lucy also enjoyed the finer parts of painting. She did just about everything imaginable with the plastic over the bed. Including:

Sleeping under it.

Rolling in it.

Sleeping on it.

Sliding down it.

She's a very optimistic animal. Of course she is also very curious. It was a bit of a challenge to keep her from eating the caulking and playing with the paint. Phew. Well. The first part is done. Painting the ceiling. What's left on the list?
  1. Get large white rug for floor
  2. Build new office desk *if old one doesn't fit, which it probably won't but we'll see.
  3. Organize closet and end stands to make room for office goods.
  4. Rearrange furniture.
  5. Build headboard from old pallets
  6. Paint walls
  7. Paint ceilings
  8. Add curtains in front of bathroom entry
  9. Gallery wall 
  10. Hang mirror
  11. Remove stripes and patch
  12. Paint window frames
  13. Organize under bed space
  14. New miniblinds for front window
  15. Solve curtain issues.
Oh man. As always my lists seem to keep getting longer. Not to worry! I'm sure I'll add more to it! I am excited to finally be getting to spend a little time on myself by redoing the master suite. It'll totally be worth it when I'm all done!


  1. OK...
    1. I love your costume! I don't want to sound like a creeper, but I'm going to say it anyway - You look sexy!
    2. I love, love, lurve the mermaids! I like the rustic cast iron look too.
    3. The pink ceiling paint is one of the best inventions ever! I love that stuff. And your ceiling looks so good painted!
    4. Lucy is a silly kitty! And I think you're right - her and Ringo would be friends!

  2. Electrical outlets that are upside down are often used as a way to tell you that the outlet is controlled by a wall switch ( for a lamp, as an example ). Of course, the outlet may have just been installed wrong :)


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