Moonlight Grey

Finally! After much deliberation I have discovered the perfect color for my bedroom! I am so excited! It's called.. yup you guessed it.... "Moonlight Grey" by Glidden (sorry facebook friends I thought it was Behr) I bought the little paint sample guy for decide for certain if that was the color I wanted.

It's so cute! And it has a tiny brush! It's so cute! Tiny Brush!

I painted a "square" on each wall in my room just to make sure that it looked good with all the different lighting that came from the two large windows in my room. So far it does! I think this time I might splurge and get it in paint and primer paint just because that brown is actually pretty hard to cover up and gives everything a pinkish-blue undertone. I dunno how that works but it does. 

Here's my choice up against the other contenders that I had going for awhile. In the one month that I had the blue colors up there I became incredibly bored with them. I took that as an internal sign to not choose any of those. Intuitive I am. I think the color is really going to be great!

Another great feature of my color choice is that it is actually in the same realm of the bathroom color:

Since you look directly from the bedroom into the bathroom and vice versa since I took out the French doors leading to the bathroom it was really important to make sure there was still a flow. It would have been weird if I'd had a grey bathroom and a blue bedroom. Totally weird on the eyeballs.

Of course my bathroom is a wreck in this picture. But alas. It happens a lot. The purpose of the photo was to show how much the spaces are now one big bedroom bathroom combo so it's crucial that they flow together. Having a color that is slightly different then the bathroom color for the bedroom still allows it to have a different feeling and division but it doesn't hinder the overall experience and really makes it so that you feel like you are moving easily back and forth. 

Yay! Getting closer!

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