Office Stamps and Golden Globes

I've been working a little bit more on getting the office decorated and comfy. It's starting to head towards the end of the semester which means I need to be ready for some finals and papers and projects. I may end up living in the office by the end of the semester. Who knows. Maybe I'll rent out my bedroom for a few months and sleep on the hide-a-bed.
Just kidding.

That would be terrible. 

Speaking of terrible. I almost lost Lucy! I was terrified that she had gotten out and was running amuck in the neighborhood trying to befriend the big scary doggies next door. Suddenly, in my despair, I heard a rustling in the office closet. I opened the door and didn't see anything. I checked under the pillows, in the shelves, behind the jackets. 

And then I saw her little kitty head pop out of the filing cabinet drawer.
Maybe she was a secretary in her past life. It took 5 minutes to get her pudgy body out of there. Silly cat. Another Lucy moment for the books.

With all that funny business aside I really do have something exciting to show you... ready? It's my handy amazing new tables! I bought them as nesting tables at Ross for a total of 29.99! Sweet deal for two tables. They are sooo cute and they totally jive with the vintage look that I've been going for!
(yeah. I said jive)

Here's a close up of the smaller nesting table that I'm using as a "coffee" table. It's small and the portion works well with the chair.

And the set also came with a larger table that I use for the side table in the office. It looks way cute and also is the perfect size for the side of the chair. It has cute stuff on top too. It looks like a postage stamp!

Since I separated the nesting tables from each other I had a huge space underneath the table that can't really be seen from the front. Basically you have to stand in the closet to realize there's a space under there so what do I do with it??
Fill it with pillows!


See? Can't hardly tell! I already have messed the place up with all of my homework all over the place. Learning is messy.

I figured I would clean it up to show you guys how cute the tables actually look in action. 
Plus now you can see my awesome plaid blankie. It is a fabulous blankie. I bought it at JCPenney for 7.99. Ahhh I want to wrap up in it right now.

Lucy had to check it out too. She recovered quickly from her stint in the filing cabinet.

I just went shopping around the house to accent my side table. The lamp is an old one from the living room before I replaced it with the new wooden one that I bought. I have to show you guys that still.... I'll do that. Pinky promise.
I added a bunch of my home decor magazines and an amazing picture of my fabulous parents at a volcano in Hawaii.

I find myself very fortunate to be living in Colorado. The seasons are starting to change and I loooveeee it. Check out the trees in my neighborhood. Golden yellow and beautiful! There's some in the park across the street that are going to be turning red very soon. I'll definitely get some pictures of that. Ahhh the mountains in the fall. I love it.

Oh! And I've gotten all the Halloween decorations out! Check out how well I carved my pumpkins!
Just kidding. I never carve pumpkins. I have the same three plastic ones every year. One for each person! I am the big happy one. :)

I hope that everyone is having a fantastic week so far! It's almost the weekend! Woot.


  1. How scary about almost losing Lucy! I almost lost Ringo yesterday. We had left him outside, I pulled into the driveway during lunch and the gate was wide open. I ran around back calling his name and crying...and he was sleeping on the patio. Gah! Scary! Anyway, I LOVE those tables! They are so cute!!! And only $29.99! I need to stop by Ross more often!

  2. Oh, and I like the new header! I burst into laughter when I read the "trailer trash" part!


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