Official Sacrifices.

So we all know how much I adore and love my sweet little office. With the big cozy chair... fun stripes... rug and customized bookshelf...
We also all know how much I love to do projects and want to redo the kitchen.
Unfortunately because I haven't had a third roommate I've been paying way more for household bills. In fact about 85 % of my income is going towards bills and I have depleted my savings. 
Being a home owner is all about sacrifice. In order to put more money back into my savings and redo my kitchen, on top of saving for my semester of student teaching, going to have to get another roommate and give up my gorgeous office. 

I suppose to save over $400.00 a month it'll be worth it. The only problem is trying to get everything in the office to fit back into either my bedroom, the laundry room storage area, or the front closet.
Shakespeare would say: Therein lies the challenge. Or maybe he wouldn't say that, who knows really.

So the first thing I have to do is come up with a new desk situation. I love my desk but it's too big for the space. It won't fit in there anymore especially since I'll have to move my big ole cozy chair to the foot of the bed. It'll definitely be a cozy space. 

This is my ghetto Paint skills. Hehe. But it gives you the general idea on how the entire space will be laid out.

I've found a few great desk plan ideas on pinterest and also on Here's my favorite one so far {here}:

It's pretty cute and compact. Sort of looks like one from Pottery Barn and has a space for a tower (my main computer is a desktop) all of which are good. I'm sure I can get creative with a spot for the printer.
Oh to being wise and down sizing. This whole save-money-effort is also going to require some closet purging. Depressing. But we're going into the season so it 'tis the season of giving. 

Before I can move anyone in though I will have to make sure my room is ready to receive all of the stuff that I have managed to smash into the office. That means a total overhaul. Ready for a list? Ok!
  • Clean out under the bed and store extra bedding in under the bed storage boxes
  • pack up old stuffed animals into bins to be stored in the garage
  • paint
  • clean out closet and pack up stuffed animals, shred old receipts, organize hanging clothes and shoes
  • build new desk for corner of room
  • buy big fluffy rug for the room.
I'm sure you can tell I'm a little bummed about giving up my office space but I realize in the long run it's probably the best idea since I'm needing to be really smart financially. Of course the sooner I can get a new roommate the better but we'll have to see how everything goes. The plan is geared in that direction.

On a happy note!

It does mean that I get to DIY a desk! Yay! It also means I shall get to redo my kitchen much sooner, and we all know how bad I've been wanting to do that!

Overall it is a positive thing. Yes. That is what it is. A positive-moving-forward-being-a-growed-up decision.

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  1. I'm bummed about no office! =( But the extra cash will be soooo nice! You can't DIY without any moolah, right?! Plus it won't be forever...someday you'll have your own office again!


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