Pinterest Project No. 1

Since I have been on Pinterest I have spent a lot of my time picking out a TON of DIY to-do projects. I am super excited about all of the great ideas that  I have! I've decided that I should start trying to do some of them right away instead of waiting to collect so many that I do none of them. Which is kinda what I tend to do. So! One of the first ones that I decided to try out was this rather basic canvas and lettering project. My inspiration was this guy:

I decided that I wanted to make my own! Because let's face it... I can't spend $100 on a canvas with a bunch of wooden letters attached. I can, however, spend about $20! So the first thing I had to do was figure out how in the world I was going to make the letters appear... the canvas was on sale for a two pack of 16"x20" for $9.99 at Michael's. Not too bad right? 

I ventured around Michael's for about 25 minutes before completely giving up on the wood cut out idea. I thought that they would be really cool to have on the canvas but they were too expensive and too childish. Not really what I'm going for in my lovely master bedroom. (Soon to be lovely anyways)

Finally I gave up on Michael's and went to Hobby Lobby where I came across these guys! They're just scrapbooking stickers but they stand up off the page and they come in different styles and colors. Since I'm working of a monochromatic inspiration I of course went with white but I'm sure blue or green or really any other color would look great too. 

The next step was to decide what I wanted the canvas to say. I figured I would just go ahead and copy my inspiration since it was so cute and planned out "and they lived happily ever after" I love a good ending! The spacing was easy. I just used a ruler to make sure the bottoms of the letters were as straight as possible and a pen to gauge the distance in between the letters.

And here's how she looked after I was all done! (once again I beg forgiveness on the dark lighting. I work night shift so when I get home it's always dark out.)

I decided that since I have two canvases I need to make another piece for the other side of the bed. These guys are going to be replacing the mirrored stars I had up previously. Don't worry! You'll get a full before and after on that soon enough.

Here's the finished product! (with a bit better lighting might I add)

I still plan on painting the walls which I think will really make these guys stand out a lot more. I've started to narrow down the wall color to 4 top choices. I need to go buy the samples of the color from Home Depot and try em out before making an ultimate decision. I'm excited though!

What do you guys think of this project? Keeper?


+ two pack canvas from Michael's..... 9.99
+two sheets of Thickers from Hobby Lobby.... 6.98
+Foam letters............1.00

Total: 17.97

Not too shabby for new wall art! Just keep an eye out next week! I've got a couple of things up my sleeves that are going on in the bedroom! (oh... dirty...)

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  1. Awesome Meaghan!! So simple yet very effective, love it!!

  2. very well done...i love me some HL!

  3. Beautiful!! I pinned something like that & it remains a pin ;-)

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting


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