Project List for Bedroom

I  decided this time around, before I really tear up my bedroom to do the redecorating, I should have a much better project list. I'm all for winging it but sometimes that ends up taking a massive amount of time and there is only so long that I can handle being in a chaotic state. Especially in my room. So. I decided that I shall make a list of the big projects that I want to do in the space. Sounds good right? 

Let's hope so.

Okay so the first thing I want to is figure out a way to fill this random space just to the right of the door. I used to have the dresser there as you can see but it was always kinda a cluster trying to go into the door without ramming into the dresser.


I'm thinking I want to do some sort of mini-dresser vanity kinda thing. I have two old vanity mirrors that I could reuse and I just need to find something with a few drawers to fill that area. It's a strange spot. I've tried putting a chair in it but it just looks odd... maybe I need a different chair... hmmm... ideas.  I did find this cool idea on how to make you own mirror though at Crazy Wonderful

It might be a cool idea for that space since I lost my over the door mirror when I took out the bathroom doors to replace with curtains.  Plus I love big leaning mirrors. 

I also want to reorganize my closet. So I think I will do a variation of this:

Since I have so many scarves it would be really handy to have a nice way to store them. Plus I could probably manage to put them along one side of my closet and it wouldn't take up much space. Just have to find studs in there... that could be a challenge for sure. But! I think it would be a great space saving idea instead of having them wadded up in a basket.

I also love this unique head board. I think if I were able to find an old pallet or something we could use the boards and then sand it and stain it and have a unique rustic headboard that would add some character to the room. Maybe be a bit better then the white spray painted beauty that I have right now. Only problem is

I've been wading through Pinterest trying to find some color ideas for the walls. I'm afraid of commiting to the wrong color I really like the teal turquoise blue of this color:
I think that it would be a good contrast if I were to do a dark wood headboard plus still look clean and pretty with white. Ahh. So many choices out there! It'll be a wreck to paint the bedroom so I just want to be sure.... eeek. Or maybe I want a pale gray... I like gray... 
What do you think? Should I do a blue tone or a gray tone? 
I've decided to decide by tomorrow so that I can go and buy the paint on Sunday. No going back at that point! Plus it's fall break from school which means I could paint all day on Tuesday and have it all done so I can just focus on my favorite part... decorating!

Here's a look at the space one last time:

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