Quick Bath Updates

Over the weekend of the first I had a new roommate move in. Her name is Jamie. She's super cute and I really like her. One thing that I like to do before a new roommate moves in is to prepare the spaces that will be theirs so that they feel more comfortable. So the bathroom was where I started first. 
My previous roommate wasn't what I would call an avid deep cleaner so first I had to bleach the whole bath tub. Comet spray cleaner is great because it has bleach elements to it that really break down lime scale and soap scum. Straight Comet cleaner is great for the bottom of the bath tub. 

I also did a bit of re-accessorizing. I've been moving things all around the house lately from one room to another. Soon it will change again because I've been getting the bathroom stuff out lately but! Here's what it looked like before:

I know you've all seen those pictures a million times but here's what it looks like after some updating:

I did originally want to repaint the bathroom to get rid of the blue color but I sort of ran out of time to get it all done. The accessories on the tiny shelves are the lanterns that usually go with my outdoor decorating but since the weather is getting colder I decided to bring them in and clean them up. I think they look fun on the shelves, I just need to get some candles for the inside of them so they don't look so empty.

 I did add in a new hand soap dispenser with pretty swirls, of course in the turquoise shade that I love. I also filled this vintage Ball jar with cotton balls, useful and cute. And that jar with a cork I have had forever and ever. 

Probably some of my favorite hand towels ever from Bed Bath and Beyond. I have an internal conflict with that foldy mirror above the hand towels. It provides 2 more shelves in the room which has proven useful especially when I had 2 roommates sharing that bathroom but now I think it just looks tacky. I would like to put another mirror or even another shelf or something up there instead because that thing just looks broken. For now I decided to leave it but don't be surprised if I have a post about tearing it out. lol.

I had taken the shower curtain down to wash it and put a fresh coat of spray paint on the curtain bar. Looks so much bigger! And now you can see all of the tile that we put in around it. It has definitely turned out quite nicely.

Hopefully my new roommate likes it as much as I do! Yay for decorating!

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