Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Really Real Built In

Whoo! I am proud to announce that the bathroom is completed! YAY! Finally!! 3 months later! 
The final step that we were waiting for was to replace that crappy mirror-hole that the previous owner's left for us. It's been a challenge because replacing the drywall is hard in those areas because we have to try to cram it behind the vanity counter. 

So we decided to DIY some kind of resolution. And after a lot of back and forth with our ideas we finally settled on a built in! I needed somewhere to house my perfume bottles and all of my necklaces. I am a girl that believes in the power of accessories so that means my accessories have to have space. And lots of it. 

We were a bit limited on what we could do so we decided to use a sheet of beadboard that we already had in the garage as well as MDF. We bought the new molding for the surround which was only about $8 dollars worth since it was such a small space. Justin did most of the project while I was away at work. 

First thing that he did was build a box frame out of the MDF that we had leftover from the laundry room counter top. He fixed it firmly to the studs in the walls in order to ensure that there was enough support for it.  Then he backed it with the bead board in order to cover the drywall and keep with my classic vintage inspired bathroom. Plus it looks pretty.

He added the shelf in for me so that I have a place to house my perfume bottles. The shelf was also made from MDF and the molding on the front was a tiny left over piece from the laundry room counter. The shelf is about 3" inches deep. Perfect for small bottles and vases. Talk about reuse ey? Justin added these cute corner moldings to give the frame more character. I think it looks really great!

 After I got home from work it was my turn to do my part. Which was paint it white! YAY! White! It really does make it look prettyyy spiffy though. Check him out! It also makes it really fit in with the mirrors and it looks really natural. We should have thought of this sooner!

While the paint was drying I randomly decided I should show you guys my awesome boots. I am in love with my boots. Sorry for the weird angle my mirror was propped against the wall. Hehehe. But aren't they awesome! 

I actually got the idea for the leg warmer sock thingys from Pinterest. Sam @ The Junk House was right.. I am totally addicted. 

Back on to the shelving unit. I decorated the top shelf with some accessories that I had. That is totally subject to change. I move things around so often it seems. But I put my two favorite perfumes up and then the cool vintage bottle I had from Goodwill.

The only problem that we were encountering was how to actually hang the necklaces on the bottom of the shelf. Should we put hooks in and then just hang them? Well yes that would have been a fantastic idea if done before we installed it. So we decided to improvise. I still had a few extra tension rods from my DIY Roman shade fail and the window covering in the bathroom used to be a shower curtain...


I fit the tension rod under the top shelf. Justin had left enough of an over hang with the molding that you can't even see the tension rod at all. And then I took the hooks from the shower curtain and placed them on the tension rod.

Pretty genius right?? I think so. I organized my necklaces by style and length somewhat. All the sterling silver on one, gold with gold, and so on and so forth. I'm crazy like that. You should see my closet. Eventually... you will.

Here's a full before and after of the weird hole turned fabulous necklace home.

Since that was all finished up I had to do something about the door issue. We took the doors out because it gave us a lot more floor space. Which is great! But the separation is somewhat necessary if you know what I mean. So I went to the good ole WallyMart and bought a nice curtain rod that was also in brushed nickel. I wanted the rod to match the other fixtures in the room like the door pulls and the lights. 

I found the sheers at WalMart also for $7.00 a piece, $14 dollars for both. I decided to spend a little extra to get the curtains with the grommets on the top. I thought that it made the sheers look less like cheese cloth and more "finished" I suppose. Plus having the sheers really lets in a lot more light from the master bedroom.

And there is the full view of both the curtains and my new built in shelf. Also the mess that is my bedroom. But just pretend you don't see that.

Lucy was busy as well. She had to make sure she was looking pretty for the day. Cat loves to play with herself in the mirror. Maybe she's smarter then I give her credit for. 

Or maybe not. She also tried to hide from me when I was putting up the curtains. Silly kitty.

Alright now it's your turn! Tell me what you think of my new shelving unit and the curtains! Do you think it turned out really well? Do you like it? Should I keep the curtains?

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  1. I love, love, lurve the new shelves! You guys did an amazing job! *scrolling back up to check it out again, scrolling back down* Yep, LOVE!

  2. Love this! And the necklace hanger looks me an idea about what I want to do with mine necklaces....I am thinking I could build a little cabinet like that. I have been seriously stuck on jewelry organization!

    I'm following you now. Come by and check out my site sometime! :)

  3. You did an awesome job on this! Loving this to death! Woo hoo! Way to go! :)

  4. Looks great! I wish I had room for that in my bathroom!

  5. Your built in looks awesome! And I LOVE those boots!! Where in the world did you get them? Love the leg warmers too! I've got to buy some this year!

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I featured your project this past friday on the very first edition of "You Sew Rock Me Fridays" @ Sew Rockin'. Awesome job...I look forward to see what you come up with next!



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