Tuesday 10: Etsy Must-Wants!

I love etsy.com! Ever since I was first introduced to it when I started really getting into this bloggy about 6 months ago I have been in love with Etsy.com! There are so many fun and unique things I just want to buy so badly! And I will! One day! Very soon. Hopefully.

Here's my top ten picks!
1. These fun yellow and white pillows! {Found Here}

2. I am in love with Mermaids, we all know this probably. This cast iron mermaid is amazing... I want to marry her. Yes. I said it. {found here}

3. I want a lovely set of tea towels... I'm not sure why.. just one of those things.I love these towels! {found here}

4.  I also love these beautiful white frames! I would love to do a gallery wall in my bedroom with some gorgeous- all white- frames. 
LIGHTBULB! I think I will! {found here}

5. I love me some wine so this little set up is awesome! I think it'd be fun. I think I need a bigger kitchen though. {found here}

6. I love anything that has "Keep Calm and Carry On" so this little block of wood spoke to me. I want it! I believe that my future classroom will have a lot of these pieces all over the place. {found here}

7. I also love how this mason jar looks as a soap dispenser! I also love that it's all white! I think it's very clean and fresh. Also it has a great vintage vibe and still allows you to put any color of soap inside without it being seen or looking weird. {found here}

8. Of course you know me and my blue ball jar obsession, so carrying forth with the hand soap thing are these beauties! {found here}
9. This rug is 90 dollars. But I want to run away and elope in Vegas with it because it is sooo AWESOME! {found here}

10. Last but most certainly not least is this great chalk board! It looks like something you would find in an old antique shop but totally repurposed in a fantastic way! I love chalkboards. Idea for the kitchen here.... hmmm.... yes. Excellent! {found here}

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  1. I can't look at Etsy anymore because I go crazy and want everything! haha! I'm about due for a treat, so maybe I'll look on there for something special.


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