Though I  have been slacking majorly on my blog the last couple of days I am proud to announce that I have still been busy. Well, we have still been busy, Justin did a lot of it. But I am the brains of the operation! Here in Colorado we are known for being able to run our air conditioners and our heaters all within the same day. And it's true. I am here to tell you. You see over the weekend we went from having beautiful 70 degree days to it being 45 degrees and raining and cold and then at night it got down to freezing. We had to hurry to do some winterizing to make sure that the house stays warm and is ready to go. (Trailers aren't the most energy efficient buildings)

First thing we did was shut down the swamp cooler. My Dad was a huge help with that he stood on top of the roof and had it done in no time. Then we had to light the furnace. Which tends to get expensive in the winter so we bought a few of these indoor plasticating things from WalMart to give a try:

We picked a few of the "problem" windows to test it out on first. Our windows are double-paned but they're not necessarily the best. So we decided on the office window, dining room, and my master bathroom. These are also windows that we rarely, if ever, open. 

After we finished the windows, which I can tell has already made a difference. We were on a roll so we decided to move on to another project. The light fixture.

I love Lowe's light fixtures. Why? Well. Because I found this FANTASTIC pendant light for only.... 


It was originally $39.99. Whata steal! I love it. 

Hard to see on the box but it is really cute. Much better then this:

Yuck! See the difference between where the light was and the ceiling? Yeah. Gotta paint that. Oh and those beautiful stripes again. They are so.... classy. Anyways. I'm pretty sure that light fixture has been there since the beginning of the trailerhood. It was time to go. That and it's an old version of the $6 dollar ones from WalMart. Icky.

Here's mister Pendant. So beautiful. I love him.

Here is Justin trying to fenagle and wiggle Mr Pendant into his new home. 

Already! A HUGE difference! It's so great! And cheap too.

And Viola! The finished product! It's not a very big pendant light but it actually fills up the space nicely. It takes a little bit more of the trailer out of the home. Which ultimately is the whole goal. To get it feeling like a home and not some manufactured ghetto-ness.

Oh! And as a bit of a teaser.. Justin started on the final step to completing our master bathroom! I know I said this awhile ago but! I am seriously anticipating a full reveal this week! For sure. Seriously.

I am thrilled with the news that we are almost done with the Master Bathroom.  We'll be doing the bedroom next. MUAHAHAHAH. 

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  1. I can't believe you found that light for $5.05! I never find cheapo light fixtures like that at my Lowes...maybe I need to look harder!

    I can't wait to see your master bathroom!


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