Yes, Professor.

Since I have been on such a redecorating spree lately I decided that one location that was in need of some new things was the office. I love my office but I don't think it's been getting enough attention. I've been trying to work towards having it a cozy work space where I can spend time really working on my blog and my homework and staying organized all at the same time. 

Not that any of those keep a ton of work from piling up on my desk but! The intention is definitely there. 

I had previously purchased a cheapy lamp from WalMart that had a regular white base and a navy blue lampshade that I thought would be fun in the office. Originally I was going to do the same beach tones that I had everywhere else in the house. But! I changed my mind.

 (Back when it was much cleaner)

In my meanderings I found this great lamp at Goodwill. I thought he was cute and looked very scholarly. He was also very bronzed gold. Very. Brighter then in this picture. I had envisioned a Dead Poet's Society or Mona Lisa Smile sort of office for myself. Full of books and knowledge and vintage accessories. This guy fell right into that category!

Check him out for $3.99!

I finally broke down and went with the buzz on the Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. I find that I am quite a fan! 

Beauty meets Beast

So I took him out into the front yard. Which, on a side note, I am very proud of because when I first moved in there was almost no grass in the entire lawn. Three summers of hard work and grass seed and it's finally growing back. 

Sadly I got a little spray happy and the paint ran on the front of the lamp but it's not really noticeable since it's all a dark color. 

And here is he at work! He looks so cute! Much better then the big lamp. That was looking somewhat out of place anyways. I know it's kind of a weird mix with my ultra modern metal and glass desk but I think it works out. 

Usually the desk is so covered in books that you can't even see what material the desk is made of anyways. It's sort of my goal to find a different kind of desk to put in there but it may require some DIY. Big surprise there! lol. But really I want an "L" shaped desk that will have lots of storage and shelves and have a wood block top. 

I've been drawing inspiration from John and Sherry at Young House Love with their big ole desk they just built. Hopefully Justin and I can fashion something like that on a much smaller scale. We shall see! At least my lamp looks cute!


  1. Awesome! It looks so nice painted!

  2. Lovely transformation, just shows that a little paint goes a long way. Well done!


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