Energy Efficiated. Is that a word?

I'm really really trying to save some extra money on the energy bill this year. Last year it peaked at over $250.00 and for those of you that have done this whole college-being-poor-thing, you feel me when I say that is a LOT of money. Like a lot. 
So last year I picked up a bunch of those save the planet energy efficient home things by Duck. I got most of them at WalMart. One thing I have been working on lately is blocking air leaks in the house. Now of course I know that there is not really any way to completely prevent them. Let's be realistic, but some of them I can. Such as behind the outlet covers. Total exposure to air leakage opportunities! Luckily Duck makes something to help with that. (PS this isn't sponsored by them, it's all me and me brain.)

Since I was already updating the outlet covers in my room (they used to be bisque. What kind of color is that anyways? The word even sounds gross.) I figured I should try to do what I could to seal them off.

They call them Socket Sealers! Wow! You can see all the details from the front of the box. Handy. 

They come in little sections like this, which is cool you just pop out the outlet things and tear away from the rest of em. I had to use scissors to trim mine down a little bit because they were too big for the standard sized outlet covers that I bought. I somehow ended up with one oversized outlet cover and it worked great with that one.

And check it out! You can't even tell the difference! They still fit great against the wall and hopefully help prevent any warm air leaks. We'll see if I can really tell a difference from my outlets. Like I said though. Every little bit helps...

I've already swapped out all of the bulbs in my house for energy efficient bulbs, purchased thermal curtains for some of the rooms, and plasticated a few of the leakiest windows. Now all that I have to do on my energy-savings list is make sure that I'm turning off lights, keeping the thermostat low and changing filters on the furnace frequently. I also need to figure out how to plasticate and draft block my front and back doors. Therein lies the challenge.

I seem to say that a lot. Maybe that will be my manufactured home motto. Creative right?
How do you keep your energy costs down when it gets cold? It's so hard!

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  1. Great tip! Thanks for sharing. Hope you're having a grand day! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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