Full Speed Ahead!

Excellent news! The bedroom is coming along beautifully! I have all of the painting done, much thanks to my brave Mom and it's about 80% furnished. But wait! I'm skipping things! There was a lot. A lot. A Lot. That went into getting my room going. 

It all started when I realized, after tallying up bills for the house, medical bills (remember my ambulance ride from work in July? That was expensive.), and the amount that I have to save up for my student teaching semester really made me realize that I need to stop being greedy and be smart.

Hi Dad, that was an example of growing maturity.

Wait! I totally forgot to show you my other Halloween costume! First I was a mermaid. Or rather thee mermaid, Ariel. And because that wasn't exactly appropriate for the work place I became a pirate! We are lucky at my job and get to dress up. It'd turned out pretty good. Are you sensing a theme here? Nautical.

Wow. My hair looks really red.

Anyways. I have decided to rent the office out to one lucky individual so that I have an opportunity to be smart.
Though I do love my office greatly. But have you ever seen how much crap  wonderful stuff I have in that office? 

Oh yeah. I have a lot of things. Plus all the things you can't see. Which includes an abundance of extra decorations hanging out in the closet. Extra vases, accessories, wall art, four boxes of books for my future classroom. Mmmm. Lots. I may have to go back to WalMart to get another box for all my decorative extras. Not to worry I organized that a bit when I was putting my Halloween decor away so I have space if I need it.

Cross your fingers that the girl I'm showing the house to will want to move in! 

Back to the fun stuff though! The sting of giving up my office has been lessened somewhat by the luxury of being able to redo my own bedroom. It's been unfinished and the same color for the entire time I've lived here. Same wall art, same curtains, no rug, same unpainted trim, and the same disorganized closet. Ewie.

Check it out before:

I always felt like I was living in a jar of peanut butter to be totally honest. The last picture is probably the best one to show where I'll be putting the desk again. Sometimes having a desk top is a nuisance.

 Don't you just love the new wall color!! I was going to try to be sneaky about it and slide it in at the end but I couldn't wait! Please note everything on the bed is from inside my closet. Girl likes clothes! Anyways. The color I actually ended up with was Polar Gray from Lowe's Valspar. It looks really great! And it makes the space feel massive!

I have to be extra super sure that I am organizing everything in my room very carefully especially since I'm going to be putting the office back in there. Bedroom-offices usually suck so I want to make sure I do my best. I decided it was finally time to do some of the random little things I've been putting off. For example: The outlets in my room are in weird places so I use a power strip to plug the bedside lamps into. Instead of having it roll around on the floor I attached it to the wall. Looks better. Functions better. Took 2 minutes... I waited 3 years. Whatev I didn't wanna rush it.

Next big project was the closet. Not only do I have a lot of clothes, I also have a lot of shoes. I worked at a shoe store and Hollister for all of high school and into college.It's a problem. Actually the problem isn't having the shoes or the clothes, it's storing them. It helps that I have this Closetmaid organizer that we added back in 2008 when we bought the place... 

I took my crafting shelf from Rubbermaid and just split them up so that I could effectively have a shelf within a shelf. 

Then with my shoes I got a little crafty. I took this basket that I already had (I think it came from Wally super cheap) and stuffed all of my sandals into it. From "least likely to wear" in the back to "wear these all the time" in the front. It also slides in and out easily so if I change my mind I can grab another pair. It's a handy way to contain the floppers. I also have this shoe shelf from Closetmaid that houses some of my slide ons, like moccasins, Pumas, and what have you.

My heels-though rarely worn- also needed a place to call home. I again went to Wally, I love that place, and bought an under the bed fabric storage container. It was 3.97 and works perfectly. I lined up my heels inside of it all nicely. The advantage is I don't have to lay them down to slide under the bed. Fabulousss.

My boots are by far my favorite foot apparel and I wanted to put them somewhere they would also be protected. Right next to the heels. I'm tall so I have way more flat boots then heels. I only occasionally want to be over 6 feet tall. I slide that under the bed where it fits perfectly and the clear top makes it easy to see which boots are where.

My clothes are also crucial and since I don't have a walk in closet I have to cram all of mine into this compact space. Which may be a lot for some... but not I. I color coordinate them starting with white and have it lead to black.As you can tell I clearly love to wear white tops, gray sweaters, and dark blue jeans. Everybody's got their thing right?

I also do the same thing with my tank tops. They fit really well above the flip flop baskets. I hang up my tanks because I tend to forget which ones I have so it makes it easier for me. That way I don't try to buy more white tanks then I need. 

I put some of my photo boxes with different things stored inside on the little shelf up top, which was just the perfect size for the boxes and voila! It looks awesome! And it is really functional. 

These cubies hold a lot of stuff, everything from office supplies to swim suits and painting supplies. Thank goodness for these storage baskets. They rock.

Since I'm effectively losing my linen closet by renting out the office where I had been storing things, I had to come up with something else for extra pillow cases, sheets, and other assorted linen-like things. 
I have had these two plastic zip containers since I bought the slip covers for my couches back in 09. They worked perfectly! Plus they have a little pocket in the front so I can place a label for whats inside. Of course I could probably just look at it and know but.. I like labels.

And they fit under the bed next to the plastic rolly under the bed purse storage! Awesome sauce.

Alright well there you have the fundamentals for putting together the master bedroom. Check out what it looks like after all (okay okay most) of the behind the scenes stuff is finished.....

Small tears of joy, it's sooo prettyyyy! I love it! I decided to put the stars back up because it was getting a little to matchy with the white canvas prints I made awhile back that were inspired by pinterest. 

I moved the rug from the office to my bedroom and I'll soon be moving the couch to sit at the foot of the bed. Provided the person I'm meeting with wants to move in. But I finally feel like it's really my room. It's not haunted by past memories or unfinished projects. The molding around the windows is painted, the linens are organized, the floor has been cleaned. The curtains are still a little short but I'm working on that. 
Over all it really has a great feeling! Lovee it!

What do you think of the changes so far?Any other storage ideas that work great if you don't have a linen closet?


  1. OK, I need to organize my closet...actually, I need to organize my house! I L-O-V-E the new paint color! It looks sooooo much better!

  2. Don't you just feel like you got so much done!? Looks great and I love the stars!


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