In the Beginning...

Since I am pretty new to the blogging thing and started quite awhile after I bought the house I felt like I wasn't giving the place enough credit and really demonstrating the huge changes that have been going on. So prepare your eyes we are taking a quick trip down memory lane this week so you will all know what I mean by my slogan:
"trailer trash to home- on a budget"

To tell the tale properly I ought to give you some background. I've grown up in the same town since I was probably 3 or 4 years old and never left. I started college early through a special program offered at my high school. That college was then called Mesa State College, now known as Colorado Mesa University. The college that I wanted to go to more then anything in the world was Colorado State University. My Dad went there and was an Occupational Therapist and it was always my dream to follow in his footsteps. 

Of course dreams change when you start throwing dollar signs around. The cost to go to CSU was 3x what it was to go to CMU and didn't offer any scholarships like Mesa did. The decision was made, my parents agreed to a compromise with me though, they would co-sign on an investment property where I would get to live with my friends throughout my adventures at college.

In 2008 the Colorado housing market was at it's prime, especially since we were going through a huge oil field boom and the college was expanding every year. What you could get within a decent distance to the college in 2008 for $100,000 is a lot different then what you could get now. 

In May of 2008, just weeks after formerly receiving my high school diploma I became a first time home-buyer. 

Here it is on our first walk through with the Realtor:
Bear with the pictures when we first walked through none of the utilities were hooked up so it was very very dark. And smelled HORRID.

Master Bathroom:

Master Bedroom:

Dining Area and Kitchen:

Crazy right? Who would buy a place that looked like that?

Hi Dad, I love you.

But it really has been a great experience. There are a lot more photos and I don't want to damage you too much so I will save the rest for tomorrow's post. But you can see how drastically things have changed. The master bedroom for example, no longer has the precious roses on the walls. The carpet has all been replaced with laminate flooring and ceramic tile. If memory serves we got both of those flooring choices at Home Depot. I've never missed the purple berber in the kitchen.


  1. WOW, you've mad SOOO many improvements! Although, I don't understand how you don't miss the purple berber in the kitchen! hahaha! There was seriously carpet in the kitchen?! Who does that?!

  2. Ahh, yes. Remember the horrible stuff we looked at for $150k back then. That wonderful carpet. The wall paper that looked like cheap paneling for wainscoting. And, oh the smell!! Nothing but time and money right Meaghan!


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