It's All Faucets From Here

Buying plumbing is hard. I mean really. I have no idea what I'm looking at. 
I do know that I want a few things in a faucet.
I want it to be taller then my current one, at least able to fit a pan under it so I can wash it.
I want to have 2 separate hot and cold handles (I think the uni-handle breaks faster).
The sprayer is optional for me, I'd like it but it's not a big issue if I don't have one.
I've started looking at different sites for pricing on faucets and FYI to all remodeling novices out there...
they are expensive.

Short Sink Bio: Shallow Stainless steel. Garbage disposal. Two sided.
(Visualize a cute open shelf above the window with blue ball jars and what not. ahhhh)

Just imagine how great a new faucet would look! A sink and appliances are way out of the budget but a faucet is do-able for sure, plus I think if I do a deep clean on the sink and the appliances I can get them shining like new. For free.

Love free.

Here's a couple I've found so far:

This one is really pretty! It's that silver color that I really like and it's from Home Depot, unfortunately it's $98.01. So that's a little much for me to spend on a faucet even if it is pretty. 

This is another one from Home Depot, but it's about $30.00 cheaper for $69.00. I think the only difference is that it is a slightly different finish and doesn't have a sprayer.

When I am shopping for something that seems like a big purchase (anything up to $100.00 is huge to me, that's practically 2 weeks of groceries!) So I decided to also check out Lowe's prices online. I found the really pretty silver one that I liked at Home Depot for 98.00 for only $64.00! I think it's because the HoDep (aka Home Depot) model had a sprayer and this one doesn't. Which is okay with me. It's still pretty.
I found this guy at He's pretty cute, kinda vintage-y which I definitely love. It's not much of a price difference at $59.99 but looks wise I think it's pretty cute. I like the vintage handles and it got good reviews.

The rest of the kitchen faucets were about the same price which isn't all that surprising. I think it would depend on what coupons and that kinda thing I could get. I considered an oil-rubbed bronze finish but my sink is stainless steel so I think that would end up looking weird overall. 

So I think it's going to be a silver faucet, with a long... spout? and separate "hot" and "cold" handles. I'm going to keep checking out prices to make sure that I get a good deal on the faucet. Yay for home improvements.

I'm not going to lie. Picking out these little kitchen things is harder than I thought. Ode to being an adult.

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  1. I know what you mean! I've been planning to buy a new kitchen faucet for like 6 months now...Guess who still doesn't have a new faucet? This girl! I have the separate knobs right now, but I'm thinking uni-handle for the next one. Mostly because I'm too lazy to turn 2 knobs...I just want to lift one handle and call it a day.


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