It's Getting Cold in Here

As I mentioned a few days ago I've been doing a few things around the house to prepare for winter. Squirrel style, I've even got a few nuts hanging around. (cue Lucy walking across the keyboard)
But moving forward in terms of preparing the house for a hard winter, it's suppose to be a harsh one in Colorado this year. I've been working on doing little things to keep as much as the heat in the house as humanly possible. 

I sealed the electrical sockets earlier this week and then earlier in the month we plasticated some leaky windows at the end of October. My biggest hurtle is still this awful backdoor. I had planned on replacing it before winter for a lovely insulated door that I could paint a little chalkboard on and have all levels of warmth and cuteness.

But alas, Sir Budget came roaring into my castle so I'm just going to do what all DIYers do and...

This here is my G-to the-Hetto backdoor. Crappy blue blinds, tin foil on the windows, and half-assed plastic already in place. It's ugly from this picture for sure... now imagine what it looks like from the outside!


Here's a look at the bottom of the door. (Love the cat door that is stuffed with newspapers currently? Yeah it looks pretty.)
During the day you can literally see sunlight coming through the bottom of the door. My thoughts are if sunlight can get through, guaranteed my expensive warm air can too.

I found these Door Bottom Seals at WalMart in the home section (once again not sponsored by anyone just me trying to save on the energy bill.) They were under ten dollars and super easy to install. I figured it would be worth giving it a try to see if I could keep some of that air in my house.

All that I needed was a pair of scissors to use after I measured out the door and then to peel the tape off the back and apply it. How great does it look??

Okay not very pretty but I've already noticed a difference in that room, the floor isn't as cold or drafty. Good start! 
Next hurtle to jump? The cat door. My previous improvisor aren't going to hold another year. I'll get back to you on the crazy cat lady door soon.

Until then... let's hope it doesn't snow so I can get the door sealed off the rest of the way!

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