A Little Crazy on the White Powder

I feel as though- since you are all such lovely readers and friends who already know that I sometimes suck  am challenged by my DIY tasks. For example before painting the walls there had to be some hole patching. After you patch said holes you must sand the spackling/mud to create a smooth and unnoticeable finish.

First of all the whole notion of smooth and unnoticeable didn't work out. But I shall disguise that easily enough. The second thing is that obviously sanding anything creates dust. In the case of drywall spackling... white dust. White dusts in little piles. Little piles all over. You get the picture. So I decided to implement my excellent house-handy skills and shop vac up the dust! Nice and easy that way all I would have to do is wipe down a few areas and paint! A one day project! I'd probably even have time to watch a little HGTV or something.

Not so. You see shop vacs have two settings.
Blower and vacuum.
Do not be deceived friends they are very very different. So different that ShopVac as a company decided to label the sides of each "Blower" and "Vacuum" very nice of them. But that's only helpful if you pay attention.
I put my hose into one of the fore mentioned selections and powered that sucker on!

Within seconds my glasses and my self were covered in white dust. Along with everything else in the bedroom. Good work me, I dispersed the dust freely around the entire place. Awesome. That took forever to clean up. Thankfully my Mom came over to help me. Thanks again Mom.

After that 3 hour long clean up I got to do the fun stuff (okay and after the painting too).
I got to decorate! My favorite part! 

I moved the dresser into this little nookie by the closet and made it into a little dressing station.I added a lamp, my awesome HomeGoods mirror and some decorative accessories. As well as a random empty corkboard.

I'm not sure how I feel about the clock being right there. It's my iPod radio but it may find a new home after I move the desk and everything back into the room. I love that you can see into the bathroom in this picture. And it's even better because the colors flow together to make one awesome master suite. How many can say that they have a custom beautiful master suite in college?

I also put the same curtains that I've always had back up. Partly because they were hella expensive and partially because they are energy efficient. They work great in the summer and awesome in the winter. I am still considering painting them but i want to wait until after I get a double rod for the sheers and decide at that point. Once you put paint down you're kinda committed. Thanks to blogland though I may be able to come up with other curtain ideas too.

This is the corner where the computer desk will go. I haven't put any decorations up or anything over here because I have to decide if I'll be getting a new desk or working with what I have and whether or not I'll be putting my bookshelf in the room. Lots of decisions to be made very soon.

But wow! It looks so amazing! I feel like it's really my room and my space. I love that people can walk in and say; "Now this is Meaghan's room." It reflects so much more of my personality and my tastes. And my lamps are cool. hehe.

Here's another "before" view:

And the glorious after! (okay after-in-progress-like)

So for $40.00 in paint and $30.00 in new table lamps I have completely transformed my space.Everything else is what I already had. Same headboard (so far, I still want to make one), same rug from the office, same tables, same napkins from Salvation Army, same curtains and nightstands. But it all looks so different now. And I love it!

I hope you do too! And remember.... read what is said on your shop vac before pushing that button.



  1. LOL at the shop vac on blower setting! That sounds like something I'd do! Anyway, I LOVE the new color! And those lamps! And the stars! And the HomeGoods mirror! OK, let's just say I love it all!

  2. Too funny! Everything looks fantastic! Hope you're having a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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